A Special Tambrahm Wedding

In our experience in covering weddings, we have seen many varieties of weddings, love marriages, arranged marriages, arranged love marriages and so on. This particular wedding was unique though.


It was an arranged marriage, of course. So, what is special?


What was special was that till the night before the wedding, the boy and girl, did not meet each other in person! Much like in the olden times.


When we heard this story of theirs, we planned to capture it on camera, to capture all their emotions and thoughts as they speak on camera, before they meet and as they meet, to see if we could do justice to it.


Here it is, the video for your appreciation.

This video is to be seen from start to finish to appreciate it fully, a Unique Tamil Wedding Video that’s special in its own way. This interview style wedding video is in Tamil (with subtitles).


This is truly a special wedding film and is is certainly a contender to qualify as one of the best tamil brahmin wedding films too.


This is a one of a kind special Tamil wedding video, unique in its own way.


It is unique because the bride and groom meet one another in real for the first time, only on the night before the wedding. How’s that for special?


The happily smiling bride is the highlight of this film as she bubbles with energy as she cannot hide her excitement of meeting her fiancé on the day before the wedding.

This interview style wedding video mostly in Tamil has English sub-titles to follow the film and to appreciate this interesting wedding video.


We would like to call it Wedding cinema. There is at least one best wedding film that we all remember. And, over a period, we see many best wedding films. A few of them may be categorised as top wedding films.


Yes. In this truly cinematic brahmin wedding, the bride and the groom are meeting for the first time, on the day of the wedding. Not even in the best cinematic wedding videos do you get a sequence like this tambrahm wedding video in Tamil.


When, in the course of our conversation, the bride and the groom told us this, it was quite a surprise and an opportunity for us, the wedding filmmaker, to make it an compelling wedding documentary or a wedding film as you may wish to call it.


This was a unique and momentous wedding, which was made possible by the Corona virus. This is also unique in the sense that the couple take us through their wedding in this film, with the bride and the groom both completely involved and take us through this best Tamil brahmin wedding film.


So, we ideated a sequence of shots where the groom and the bride, explain the course of events that culminated in the first physical meet up of the bride and the groom. Of course, there were communications over text and voice, but this was the first time they would meet eye to eye and that was something that we did not want to miss out on.


So, we had the groom speak about how it happened, followed by the bride who shares her feelings and experience.


Once the introduction is over, Keerthivasan walks up to Krithika’s room and what followed was pure magic.


Moments like these are special and especially in Indian weddings, these special moments are rare. In this case, thanks to the prevailing Covid situation, the bride and the groom meet for the first time only on the night before their tambrahm wedding. It can’t get more dramatic than this right?


This is a beautiful unique tamil wedding video considering these aspects. These situations seem contrived and make us feel that it is cinematic and dramatic in their effect.

So, could this be eligible for the best cinematic wedding video in Tamil? Could be a close contender, we are sure.


This is also the best Tamil brahmin wedding video that is special, for the same reason.


When you watch this special Tamil wedding video, you are taken on a journey by the couple on a narrative that begins with their first meeting and ends with them getting married and the film ends with their final thoughts at the beginning of a fantastic journey.


We loved capturing this fantastic and unique wedding film and certainly have to appreciate Krithika and Keerthi for their cooperation in making this beautiful wedding documentary, a wonderful watch.


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