Traditional South Indian Wedding


Hard to pronounce? then call it as an “engagement”. Yep, a pre-wedding ritual which begins with Ganesh puja – a puja dedicated to Lord Ganapathy, without whom, one will be impelled to cross the obstacles, well we Indians believe! So all week is his blessing to break any such obstacles. The ritual includes sweets and savories that are offered to Lord Vinayaga (i.e lord Ganesh; oh yeah, he is known by 108 names). 

Pandha Kaal Nadudhal

We would help you if we could. But no other go, you’ll have to practice pronouncing it! After all, the beauty of Indian Weddings lies in the web cherishing their traditions in its original form. A couple of days or a week before the Wedding, the family of the bride and groom arrange this event in their respective homes.

Kashi yatra

You heard it right! The familiar South Indian Wedding Ritual. A quite fun-filled ceremony on the day of the Wedding; where the groom pretends to leave for Kasi and doesn’t want to marry and leaves the venue with a walking stick, umbrella and other necessary things for a journey. 

Garland exchange

Garland exchange aka maalai maatral can be witnessed in almost all Indian traditions. Nevertheless, if the couple hail from a southern or northern region of the country. 


Kanyadanam is a popular ritual specially dedicated to the incarnation of goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu wherein the bride is assumed to be goddess Lakshmi and the groom to be Lord Vishnu. Its an emotional moment between a father and his daughter.

Mangal Sutra

All the above rituals were pre-wedding which are patiently followed to witness this moment. The Wedding moment among the couples where the groom ties the holy Mangal sutra aka thali around the neck of the bride’s amidst the crowd gathered. 

The Best Experience Ever

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