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And They Lived Happily Ever After .. ATLHEA  is an award winning team of cinematographers, photographers, directors, visualisers , editors and most importantly, We are Dreamers who will Transform your D-day into a Wonderland of Joy etched in your memories forever through our Lens.



Atlhea focuses on being the most celebrated Wedding Photographers in Chennai with our own style, approach and ideas of capturing every single moment of the wedding with a realistic impact. Creative photography also means a lot of waiting; it is in our spirit to wait till the right moment, to capture the emotions of couples and loved ones from the wedding ceremony, which no one would want to miss, but rather preserve.

best wedding photographers in chennai


Wedding videography is a video production that documents a wedding on video. The final product of the videographer’s documentation is commonly called a wedding video. It is also referred to as a wedding movie, or a wedding film.


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Wedding Photographers in Chennai

When there’s a oncoming wedding, it is natural to get into Google and search for wedding photographers. What do we really mean by searching for wedding photographers; best wedding photographers? Here are a few things to consider.

Probably, we are looking for the best wedding photographers in Chennai or if you are in Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Hyderabad or wherever you are.

How to I identify the best wedding photographers?

This raises the most important question, what do we mean by best wedding photographers?

If we get deep into it, we realize that we do not know.

How do I find the right photographer for my wedding?

Identifying the best wedding photographer for your wedding is a challenge as long as you do not know what your expectations are.

By the way, if what you want is just photos of all the events from the wedding and a wedding documentary film, don’t bother. There are hundred professionals out there who will do a good job for a bargain price.

But, if you are looking for exceptional photos from your wedding, photos with emotions and candid captures, from different angles, which stir up the heart, then you need to have an experienced and professional team of photographers. It could very well be a brand that you are looking for, with a track record of capturing the beautiful moments in weddings.

A best wedding photographer has the knack of anticipating the moments, ahead of them happening. Past experience with weddings of the same kind may help in this. A great wedding photographer also gets into action and creates triggers for the couple to get better photos in place of good photos.

A great wedding photographer will involve the people in a group for a great group photograph. So, it all again waters down to individual performers that form part of your wedding photography team.

Things to consider before choosing your wedding photographer

What will they capture?

The pre-wedding make-up, getting ready, the wedding, the rituals and a few shots after the wedding are generally covered for wedding photography. The venue, the decor and food are usually covered superficially.

The Photography Style; Candid or Traditional

Are you looking for the traditional photography services, candid coverage or a mix of both styles?
The traditional photography involves direct capture of the event moments as they happened. Most of these traditional photographs will be from the front and in full frame, mostly. The emphasis is to capture the event in full, without missing out on any moments.

On the other hand, as the name implies, candid photography will cover mostly the bride and groom in elaborate detail, right from the make-up, to their grand entry, to the events on stage. There may be additional portrait photo sessions after the event, provided there is sufficient time.

It is all about the energy that the photographer brings into the photography sessions that makes for great wedding photos. Most of the wonderful wedding photographers, if you were to ask them, wouldn’t have attended any wedding photography course. Instead, most of them would be dedicated photographers, with a passion to capture good photos.

Getting to know the camera inside out is the primary trait of an illustrious photographer. Understanding light, the available natural properties that could be used and of course, taking full advantage of the golden hour of photography are all the traits of a celebrated photographer.

List out 10 Best Wedding Photographers

If you have a decent budget, then you can shortlist the top 10 wedding photographers and choose the one that best suits you. Frankly, you should choose the team that vibes well with you; instead of choosing the one with the lowest quote. Choosing the lowest quote could throw up an unwarranted surprise or two later on. Ask for the deliverables, the timelines and ask for a few references.

Plan an Outdoor Pre-Wedding Shoot

The Indian wedding photography industry is evolving constantly. People are ready to spend more money on their weddings, especially in photography and videography.

Planning a pre-wedding photo shoot will help you overcome the fear of the camera, if you have it, while also getting you some nice, grand photos from your pre-wedding shoot that could be shown the giant LED screens for your guests to watch and appreciate.

So it becomes important to choose the right place, date and time for your pre-wedding photo shoot. So, you see, getting the right wedding photographers for your wedding involves a great deal of planning. Atlhea, which is a team comprised of complete professionals, is into wedding photography as a passion, to create happiness in the hearts and minds of the couples and their families.

Ask us for support to make the most important day of your life a grand success. When you are looking for wedding photographers in Chennai, look no further. Send us a message on Whatsapp to get prompt response from our team. Let us discuss your grand plans for your Wedding.

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