Vignesh & Anmol 2 States Love Story

Vignesh & Anmol



A North social Sally falls in love with the south submissive boy – A love story of Vignesh & Anmol.


It is not an easy thing for a punjabi girl to fall in love with tamil boy and even more challenging to take it to the family level for a marriage. Our heartfelt wishes goes to Anmol, a sweet but go getter punjabi beauty and Vignesh, smart and busy business person who bravely embrace their challenging love journey with consent of the families.


ATLHEA took the privilege of appreciating the families belonging to two distinct cultures for their matured nod for an alliance. A week long wedding celebrations, had one day a lavish Punjabi style shaadi and the other day a traditional tamil wedding. The most interesting part of the whole wedding is the way two diverse cultures come to term with each other.


The hardcore tamilian family of groom side were punjabified at the Gurudwara Wedding. Vignesh was literally pulled by the bride’s family members when he was asked to propose Anmol in punjabi at sangeet. Vignesh was clueless and staring at Anmol, then his would be mother-in-law came in as a help, prompting him to propose. The whole crowd was laughing like anything on hearing the groom’s hilarious punjabi pronunciation.


At the traditional tamil wedding we were clueless on finding the bride’s family members who were completely tamilified with dhoti and pattu. It was so great that the two matured families put in extensive effort to understand and confluence with each other’s culture.

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