Outdoor Couple Photoshoot

Outdoor Couple Photoshoot

The outdoor couple photoshoot can be the most invigorating and the most tiring at once, if you know what I mean.

We love our couples and we love our outdoor couple shoots. Like I always say, if there is proper planning, there is nothing more enjoyable than your couple photoshoot.

So, the first thing to choose would be the venue. Choose a nice and beautiful location for the shoot. Choose the right time of the year for the shoot; not too hot, not too wet. That is very important.

You don’t want to be taking a sweat bath during the photoshoot, I bet. Likewise, inclement weather means a possible spanner in the works. We don’t want that either :-).

Choose an early morning or a late afternoon shoot. Depending on your weather, choose the right time. If the Sun is not too harsh in your part of the world, anytime would be fine.

In the tropics, like in Chennai, generally there is a pause or stop by about 9 or 10am, because the Sun gets too overbearing, the light harsh and the photos washed out.

If it is a full day programme, then we resume by about 4pm and continue till about 7 or 8pm, provided there is ancillary lighting.


Like any worthwhile activity, your outdoor photoshoot also needs to be planned properly.

Since it is outdoor, the make-up may need to be retouched frequently. So, be sure that you bring your MUA along with you to the venue. And make sure she stays with you till your couple shoot is completed.

When you want to make your outdoor photoshoot a success, you as a couple have to rest properly the previous night. Eat early and hit the sack at the earliest.

If it is an early morning shoot, then follow up with your make up artiste the previous night and ensure that she starts your makeup on time and finishes it on time.

Our target is the golden hour before the Sunrise and after it. That’s when we get the most beautiful photos.

The best thing would be for you to book a resort and stay the night; wake up early, start your makeup, wear your first photoshoot costume and be ready by the time the crew arrives at the venue for your shoot.

For a beach photoshoot, smart casuals are a good choice. Collarless t-shirts are a strict no no.

You need to look elegant and exotic; that’s the idea. So, choose your dress accordingly. See, in a photoshoot, the quality of a photograph depends on many variables. And, the choice of dresses for your photoshoot makes a lot of difference.

Not just the type of dresses, but their colours also make an impact. Ask us for advice and we will be happy to help you out in your costume selection.

Saree may not be the best costume for a beach photoshoot, as it may be a wee bit difficult to manage; especially if you don’t wear a saree on a daily basis.

The beach outdoor pre wedding photoshoot is most preferred by many couples that we have shot with. The best and most fun part is getting wet in the waves. Excited? Yes. It is quite an exciting experience, with your better half. But, it is better to get wet during the last part of your shoot, as you are ready to call it a day.

Typically, from our experience, your outdoor creative pre wedding photoshoot can have many interesting moments, when planned well.


You may have come across many inspirations for couple photoshoot poses on Instagram and would like them to be clicked for your shoot. The best thing to do will be to share these much beforehand with your photographer. Based on the venue, the time of the day and you as the couple, the photographer will identify the shots that will come out well.


The next thing for you to do is to rehearse your poses; either alone or as a couple. This is very important. Without a rehearsal, any pose that you make, there is a possibility for it to look contrived and unnatural.

We should understand that we aren’t professional actors. Even actors rehearse before every act.

So, make sure you rehearse each of your poses as many times as possible so that it all becomes natural for you.

The secret is to enjoy those moments together and have fun. That will make it more interesting and stay with us as sweet memories.

Worried about a pose going wrong; don’t worry, there will be hundreds of photos to choose from.


Be a stickler to time; because light and the ambience may change in a few minutes. So, if your photographer asks you to come back after a break after 30 minutes, ensure that you are back on time. That will help a lot in getting great images from your outdoor photoshoot.

Once your photo shoot is over and you get your beautiful outdoor couple photos, you are ready to share it on Instagram. Getting your hashtags right will ensure you get more eyeballs on your clicks.

So, are you ready for your outdoor couple photoshoot? We take pride in loving our job of making our couples happy.

Call or Whatsapp when you are ready for a chat on how to make your outdoor shoot magical, a session to remember for life.

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