In a typical contemporary wedding, the bride getting ready photos would be from two sessions at least, the reception and the wedding. Apart from this, there may be others.

Let’s talk about the typical happenings from the photographer’s perspective.


Here, the makeup artiste has arrived on time; that’s a good sign. The make-up is about to start.

The photographers arrive at the doorstep and they are given the lehenga of the bride for a unique solo picture. They take it out, place it in a vantage position and the lehenga is captured in all its glory.

If it is the bride getting ready for the wedding, it may be her beautiful saree; may be a designer saree from Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra or other top brands, which may warrant a special unboxing session too.

Then come the jewellery, the ear rings, the bangles, the necklace and all; they are well and truly documented.

By this time, the bride is almost ready; it takes anywhere between one to three hours for the bride to get almost ready; which is when the photographers come back for a few unique bride getting ready shots, where the MUA doing the touch up, or dressing up with the nose ring, slipping the bangles on and so on.

There is also time to capture the hair stylist finishing up with the bride’s hairdo as part of the getting ready.

The getting ready shots may also include the bride’s friends or cousins speaking with her, making fun comments and all; while the photographers patiently wait for exceptional moments.

Every element assumes importance in the getting ready photoshoot, the hands of the bride bright vermillion with the mehndi with the bangles, the feet again with the anklets, the bride looking proudly at herself in the mirror, the sisters going over the bride to ensure the makeup is perfect, the list is endless.

There is one other moment that is always cherished, which is the first look of the bride by her mother or father; sometimes it is both of them together that have a look at their darling daughter for an instant wow.

These surprise moments aren’t staged at all; the bride’s parents are called up to meet her after the makeup is over and the following responses are naturally …beautiful.

So, the bride getting ready photos are as important as any other; as this small collection will tell you.

Not just the bride, but the groom is also getting ready. Let’s not forget that. So, the groom getting ready photos are also important. The same process is followed for it too. More than the costume, the groom looks awesome in his natural self. These days, we are insisting that the groom gets a proper make-up artist too.

There are also special properties based on the kind of wedding it is; for example, if it is a punjabi sikh wedding, where the groom’s getting ready for marriage, there is this beautifully decorated sword that the groom wears, which makes for a majestic snapshot.

Since, the groom usually gets ready earlier than the bride, we can afford to be a bit more creative with the groom; asking the parents, siblings and the family to pose together in the dressing room; a cosy compact intimate shot of the nuclear family.

We can have a moment with the brother adjusting the tie or blazer button of the groom as he stands upright, his nervousness apparent in the sweat forming on his forehead, which is wiped of by his kid brother lovingly, getting ready poses that are candid and true.

With mom and dad each kissing the cheek of the groom from either side, it makes for a real tear in the eyes moment for the parents, when they take a relook after many years.

There is no dearth of such moments during this most interesting session, that happens usually at a snail’s pace, since makeup is involved. How about an express visit by the groom to the bride’s cabin, to watch her getting angelic; without her knowledge. How about a sudden phone call from the groom to the bride as she is getting ready; the confused, surprised happy expression on her face, as he talks to her about the number of days that have gone by after they met first! Oh, how we love capturing these dainty moments for you.

So, are you the bride? Are you the groom? Are you getting ready? Don’t forget to call us or Whatsapp us. We’re waiting!

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