Groom Photoshoot

Groom Photoshoot

Sadly, but matter of factly, the groom photoshoot doesn’t carry the same importance as the bride, but the bride groom photoshoot is one of those moments that showcases the man of the moment.

We always insist that if the bride has a specialist makeup artiste, the groom should also have one and is made up adequately, if not equally, in terms of the bride.

The photographer will be helpless if there is a big difference in skin tone between the bride and the groom; this has to be taken care of.

Here are a few arresting groom photos from the shoot moments of various grooms that we captured in style.


As far as groom photography is concerned, it is the attitude that carries the picture. Whether attired in the traditional dhoti, sherwani or a suit with a pagri to boot, it is the style that exudes matters for the groom portraits.

There may be a hundred and one bride groom pictures, but the choicest ones will have the right costume, the right ambience, lighting and properties around the place.

So, make sure your wedding venue is carefully chosen for the right ambience or your bride groom photoshoot.

It is easier to get portraits of the bride groom for many reasons. One reason is that most of the time, the groom finishes the make-up faster, while the costume is also easier to don, while the hairdo is also comparatively easier.

Some of our grooms have been a little shy, but a few minutes into the photoshoot, almost all our grooms have been very cooperative and really lived in the moment.

These realistic photographs that you see here are proof. Whether it is a Telugu groom, or a Tamil groom, or a Bengali groom or a Hindu or a Muslim groom, it is all the same for us. The resulting groom photos are our only focus. And how to make the photos look extraordinary.

More than the poses, it is definitely how the groom carries himself in front of the camera that matters. Just leave it to us to ensure you are on the right track to get your best groom photos to be proud of.


The choice of colours for the costume also plays a big part in getting beautiful photos of the groom. If you have any doubt about the choice of colours, you can speak to us. Basically, the costumes that the bride and the groom wear should match the venue, decor where the wedding or reception or whatever, is going to happen.

So, it becomes important that everything is taken into consideration before you choose your groom’s costume for the groom photoshoot.

We have completed many projects all over India and are eager to make your wedding standout, with exceptional photos that you will cherish for a long time.

So, get ready for your groom’s photoshoot with Atlhea. Make a call or just Whatsapp us and share details about your wedding. We are waiting.

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