There is one thing very common about weddings, which is emotions. There is absolutely unlimited scope for photos with emotions in a wedding, especially traditional Indian weddings with multiple events in tow.

Other than the rituals of getting married on the wedding day, there are many other opportunities for emotional photography. Just imagine a wedding where a photographer singularly moves around with his camera; the number of photos that he can capture with emotions would be mind boggling.

The sad fact is that not everyone understands this. And what is not seen, isn’t missed. So, many of these wonderful moments fade away uncaptured. This is one reason that we suggest additional photographers, deputed just for the sake of capturing emotions from the wedding and other supplementary events.

If you have a quick glance at these photos with emotions that we have on display here, it is all very candid and genuine. These true moments are what we are looking for in any wedding.

These precious and emotional moments can give us the necessary energy when we are down, make us feel on top of the world when we are happy and be a topic of discussion in a group.

Practically, each one of these photos tells a story. Ask the subjects and you will know. This is what we have experienced; and want you to experience. 

So, you see emotional photography that tells a story is a candid moment between individuals, within a group or as a part of a ritual such as a wedding. This is where people react when they meet after a long time, happiest moments, gushing smiles and hugs and what not, are the benchmark of such precious moments.

There is a meeting between the bride and her grandfather, an emotional bride with her teary eyed grandpa is definitely a moment to cherish. And there is one most important moment, which sometimes is given a miss, due to the availability of a single photographer for the wedding, would be the emotions of the parents, especially the mother and father of the bride.

The focus of attention of all the photographers are the couple and the bride in particular. When the focus is on the bride, there is a distinct possibility that some of the emotions from other characters in the story is given a miss, even though it was not intentional.

True emotions surface only in weddings, as we have seen time and again, while capturing emotional photos during the telling wedding moments.

The bride’s mother shedding happy tears, or wiping her tears with the back of her hand, or just turning away so that people may not see her crying, are precious moments and the best emotional photo you can present them with.

It is always better to have an additional eye to capture these wonderfully emotional moments in weddings.

If you are particular about getting many photos with emotions in your wedding, please make sure you hire an additional photographer for your wedding coverage.

Call us or Whatsapp us to discuss your photos with emotions in detail. Let’s capture some and more.

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