One of our favourite and memorable couples who are like strong coffee served hot. Yes, the couple was utterly brave and butterly charming. Every couple wishes to have their pre wedding shoot in a dreamy destination. It is a reality for Karan & Sejal who are cool but determined couple. They had a list of options but ‘Bali – an Island of Indonesia’ happened to be the choice of the couple.


It was a well planned outdoor shoot which offered me a frisson experience. Dramatic locations, boat travel, long walks, thick forests, greeny places with an energetic couple is a delightful combo for a wedding photographer.


It was a four days shoot, we kept travelling across places like Tamblingan Lake, Mangrove Forest, Ubud Water Palace & Nusa Penida. Every other location we encountered was so pleasant and had a beautiful ambience but only difficulty was taking angles and risky shoots.


For instance, on our first day shooting at Tamblingan Lake, we went to the centre of the lake. The couple was in one boat, photography team in one boat and videography team in another boat. The waves were too strong, shaking our boats, the couple bravely posed despite their life risk, and our teams embraced the challenging shoot. The whole four days shoot was so adventurous making the couple realise how well they can lead their life with their strength of love, care and selflessness.


The couple was so sportive, electric and co-operative which inspired me to go an extra mile to capture the riskiest  shots of my career. The outcome resonates the risk I took in capturing the couple, here’s the glimpse of a few we got.

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