Bangalore Destination Wedding

About an hour’s drive from Bangalore city, the Peacock Grove Bangalore is one of those wedding resorts in Bangalore that is right in the midst of nature. It is a beautiful property 3 acre property, filled with beautiful trees, an ambience that is capable of taking us back in time.


Here’s the good news. If you are a nature lover, you are going to love this location. This property is adjacent to a 300 acre protected peacock forest. So, on your lucky days, you can see the national bird at close quarters, hearing their beautiful calls; you would be luckier if it rains too.


This is where our Tamilnadu Karnataka love story got consummated in their wedding; the bride hailing from Bangalore and the groom from Madurai.


The wedding venue was finalized as the Peacock Grove, Bangalore, as the bride is from Bangalore and so this was a Bangalore destination wedding, as the groom and family assembled at this best wedding resort for this two states wedding.


The Peacock Grove resort would be love at first sight with its proximity to nature at all times; right from the greenery all around, to the old style construction, to the semi covered banquet hall, which can accommodate up to 500 guests at a time. 


There is this old style bungalow that could accommodate the bride, groom and family in complete comfort, apart from 7 rooms for guests.


Our wedding happened at the main arena called Rangasthalam, with an east facing royal mandap, ideal for the wedding rituals. Even though it has seating for 400 and up to a 1000 floating capacity, our wedding was a small and intimate one, with about 100 odd guests in total.


There are a few neat lodges nearby where additional guests were accommodated. 


For those who are interested in statistics, the main arena where the wedding happened, has three mandaps of 600sqft royal mandap, 1000sqft viewing mandap and a stone mandap with open area where the chairs were placed for the guests.


According to the management, the Peacock Grove resort is perfect for intimate to large weddings and receptions. Under different seating layouts, the main arena can seat upto 400 guests with a floating capacity of upto 1000 guests.


The arrival of the bride under a floral chaddar, the mappillai azhaippu with the nadaswaram and thavil accompaniment were quite a treat to watch, in a real feel just because it happened within the framework of nature, like it happened a hundred years ago.


The garland exchange or the malai matral was fun as always, in this typical south Indian two states wedding. After the couple arrived on the stage, the thali went around getting the blessings of the guests, before at the auspicious moment, the groom tied it around our beautiful bride, in this fine destination wedding. We got all the right snaps that made a diference, with capturing the happy face and different emotions from the bride during the wedding moments.


The saptapadi and the arundathi star seeing rituals were next, completing the steps involved in the groom and the bride becoming officially becoming husband and wife.


Thereafter, following the grand lunch, the couple shoot happened in the premises with all the greenery, the couple photoshoot at the Peacock grove went like a breeze. In fact, we could recommend this as a destination wedding venue in Bangalore for this reason alone, what with the pond, old trees capable of rendering timeless stories, grand stairs made out of carved out redstone, all give us a rustic and old world feel.


Away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, this Peacock grove, one of the best resorts in and around Bangalore, is about 20 kilometres from the city centre. 


And we had fun time capturing this destination wedding in Bangalore, in style, with all the right shots at the right moments, beautifully captured in still and moving camera, creating unforgettable memories for the bride, the groom, the families concerned and for us all. Hope you are enjoying this.

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