Bridal Photoshoot

Bridal Photoshoot

     This page is about the bride; the bridal photoshoot or the bride’s photoshoot just before the wedding, or the reception, as the case may be.

The wedding is the most important event in a couple’s life; this may be more apt for the bride, especially because the average woman tends to be more emotional than her man, according to research. This doesn’t mean that men are less emotional, but only that women express more than men.

Further, every one of us, wants to see ourselves beautiful. And, what better time than your wedding to make all your dreams and fantasies come true.

So, bridal photography came into being. And in recent times, the bridal photoshoot has become a part and parcel of the wedding photography sessions. Here are a few inspirations from our collection of beautiful brides.

The bride’s photoshoot happens many times in the run-up to the wedding. Indian weddings generally have a sequence that people follow, in most weddings. And the sequence of wedding events change a bit, based on the style of the wedding.

The different style of weddings being south indian wedding, tamil wedding, telugu wedding, north indian wedding, bengali wedding, assamese wedding and so on. We are aware of most Indian wedding styles and are familiar with the rituals and know when a bridal photoshoot is possible and not possible.

As an example, the typical southern indian wedding will have a reception on the night before the wedding. Here, the bride and the groom get ready in their best attire. They then walk in on to a decorated stage, where guests wish them on till the couple are too tired to even smile. 🙂

It is an early morning wedding. And, the half asleep bride is woken up in the middle of the night, just when she had a couple of hours to rest her eyelids. It is time to don her make-up, since the wedding is an early morning one and the make-up itself would take about 3 hours to complete. 

It is very important to choose the right makeup artiste for your wedding. Because, even a slight delay in makeup, would have an ominous effect on the photo, video session, scheduled after the make up is completed.

You need to pay a lot of attention to this, if you are the bride. Talk to your MUA and ensure that the makeup begins and ends on time, in order for you to get great bridal photos for your collection.

Dulhan Lehenga Photos

The lehenga is one of the costume choices of the bride for the wedding reception, sangeet, as typically all south indian brides seem to love it. So, the dulhan in her lehenga photos are definitely a Yes.

The choice of colours and designs for the lehenga, they match with the colours and designs of the backdrops for the event, whether it be sangeet or reception. If you are a bride who is getting married in the near future, it helps to keep this in mind.

Bridal Portraits

The bridal portraits shoot, as I said, are generally recommended before any important event. It helps if the bride is fully made up, with her best costume on. What we recommend is a one or two hour shoot, at the venue, or in a nearby picturesque location, as part of the bridal photoshoot.


This brings us to the choice of venue for your events. If possible, choose a venue that has some scope for these pre event photo and video shoots. This is also like preparing for an exam or a seminar; the more we prepare, the better results we achieve.


So, if you want great shots from your wedding, not just the events, but overall, it is wise to invest on hiring a venue that has some scope for making these photo opportunities count. The best bridal portraits are the result.

Marriage Saree Photos

From our experience, this is another challenge for the bridal photographer. Getting a few photos of the bride in her marriage saree, has always been a challenge for us. I will explain this. This is true, especially in Tamil brahmin or tambrahm weddings. When the bride is ready, getting ready from the wee hours of the night till early morning, it is almost time for her to go on stage for the wedding. 


We can share our inspirations for your bride’s photoshoot poses in saree, but we can try and emulate the poses that you found inspiring too. The idea is not to duplicate the poses, but to use them as an inspiration for a completely different variation on that.


The time between getting ready with the make-up and beginning of the rituals like oonjal is very short that the photographers only get a few clicks before the bride is rushed away by the family.


If you are a bride, it is for you to tell your elders in the family that it is mandatory that you get a few good shots in your marriage saree. The reason why I say this is that after the wedding, it is quite possible that your makeup has run off and has streaks. Also, your hairstyle has become unset and you have loose strands going in all directions. So, a photoshoot after the wedding is not a really stupendous experience, also because you are tired and sweaty.


In case, we find time only after the wedding, we hope you retain your MUA and hair stylist to do the touch up and hair do. It is fine then. Will you find time for that before the wedding? I am not sure. Because, in most weddings, there is always a race against time.

Dulhan Makeup Photos

The bride or dulhan getting ready is worthy of a separate shoot. Incidentally, there is always a photographer and cinematographer around to capture the dulhan makeup. 


The getting ready photo session of the dulhan starts later, when the make up session is almost completed. Tentatively, it is the last half hour of the makeup, when the bride is costumed, her hair is styled and she has worn her jewellery or most of it.


At the start of the session, the wedding photographer can capture the wedding saree, the jewellery and other trinkets separately. The dulhan makeup photo sessions assume more importance, if the saree is from a famous designer like Sabyasachi. In those cases, the bride might ask for an unboxing video, cute isn’t it?

Wedding Bride Photos


Once the makeup is done, it is time for the bride to go on to the stage for the marriage rituals. This is a good time for getting a few bridal solo portraits. With the right kind of lighting, the wedding bride photos definitely have the scope to look awesome.


We have quite a few wedding bride photos, some of which we showcase here.

Bridal Mehndi Photoshoot

Bridal mehndi is a separate event in many weddings. You may want to have a separate bridal mehndi session, with the near and dear ones in attendance. There is a dedicated mehndi artiste, who focuses only on the bride and her mehndi. The different emotions of the bride as she gets her mehndi done, is definitely worth the time for a variety of emotions. Sometimes, the groom also takes part in the session, interacting with his bride, resulting in beautiful captures.


Keeping these in mind, a bridal mehndi is definitely an event to get going with the bridal mehndi photoshoot.

Bengali Bridal Photoshoot

In our adventures covering hundreds of Indian and cross cultural weddings, we are particularly enamoured by the Bengali style of wedding. The Bengali bridal photoshoot is also one of our favourites due to the impeccable bridal costume, with a leaning on white, which dominates the costume, the head gear and all.


If you are a bengali bride or if you want a bridal costume that resonates with the bengali style, it would be a wise choice.

Photoshoot for Wedding

The options for photoshoots for a wedding are many, before the reception, before sangeet, before haldi and before wedding. The same sessions are repeated after the events too; after reception, after sangeet, after wedding.


The secret to the success of a photoshoot for a wedding is to enjoy the moments as they happen. You should leave the capturing to the photographers and be like putty in their hands; as you do what they tell you, you are sure to end up with some fantastic photos from your photoshoot sessions. So there.

Posed Wedding Photos

There are post wedding photos; and there are posed wedding photos. We are talking about the latter, which may happen during the former. 🙂 You can get the best from posed wedding photos, if you remember to forget the camera, for a moment. You ask me how. I will tell you how, when we meet up for a discussion on your wedding.


Posed wedding photos are so real that you for a moment think that these are candid photographs from your wedding. They are fun too.

Christian Bride Photoshoot

Here’s a set of christian bridal portraits from our recent coverage. 


It is not just about the bride, during the bride photoshoot, but the bridesmaids are also welcome to be part of the photoshoot, where we can share our bridesmaid photoshoot ideas, to include the bridesmaids in the photoshoot. 


It is not just the bridesmaids alone, but it is better to also involve her closest friends for a bride photoshoot with friends, which will make it a lovely day. The idea is to make it as lively as possible to be an inspiration for the participants and also to be etched as a memorable day in their minds for life.


We love to cover christian weddings for the order and being stickler to timings, at least in most cases. There is a ritual at home, the blessings and all, which is followed by the elaborate wedding at the church.


This is then followed by a grand dinner at a banquet or a wedding hall. As I told you, choosing the right venue helps you capture more memorable photos from your wedding.


Muslim Bridal Photos


We ensure that Atlhea’s brides always look beautiful; a showcase of our muslim bridal photos for your reference here from our bridal photoshoot. Bridal portraits are a specialty with us and we get the best out of our brides.


You can get your inspiration for the bridal photoshoot poses from Instagram and other friends. We are also happy to share some of our inspirations with you. Just talk to us.


Getting involved in the shoot and being in the moment and loving the experience is the secret to your beautiful photos. If you are a muslim bride looking for the best of your photographs from your wedding, you should pick up the phone and call us, right now.

Pre Wedding Saree Photoshoot

As I told you, the pre wedding saree photoshoot is the most precious and difficult to get, especially in Tambrahm weddings, since they are very very particular about the timings; so, we try and coax the bride to try and get her make-up started an hour earlier, which will give us some time for the pre wedding saree photoshoot.


In some Telugu weddings, the bride and the groom are in their traditional yellow attire during the wedding and the saree comes later. In any case, in case you can’t get the bridal photoshoot before the wedding, it is advisable to keep your MUA stay back for some precious touch up before the photographers capture your lovely bridal portraits during your bridal photoshoot.


Call us now, to discuss the plans we have to make your wedding unforgettable. 

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