Couple Photoshoot

Couple Photoshoot

Whomever doesn’t like themselves in a beautiful photo, especially if it is a couple. Yes, we are indeed talking about couple photoshoots here.

Couple photography is unique in that every couple that you photograph, is special; in terms of the venues, the time of the day, the time of the year and the couple themselves.

The couple’s attitude towards the photographers and the photo session itself is another variable.


The main aspect of a couple shoot coming out well is the first chat we have with the couple about their shoot. We normally suggest a single session for a photo only shoot, with a maximum of two costume changes.

The first thing to choose is the venue for your shoot. As you can see here, we have had shots of the couple taken at the beach, at residences, at coffee shops, inside a wooded area, inside resorts, during the festivities and whenever, wherever possible.


This is the regular photo session that is scheduled before any event, such as reception, wedding or even the engagement. Here, again the venue and the timings play a big part in the amount of time spent on the shoot and the number of photos captured.

The couple portraits could be taken early morning by the beach, as the morning Sun rises painting the sky red.

It could be a romantic couple photoshoot in the evening, as the shadows lengthen creating a mysterious aura around the couple.

If it is a traditional Tamil wedding, or a Tambrahm wedding, mostly it would be an early morning shoot, because Tamil weddings usually happen early. So, just before the wedding, it could be the beautiful bride bedecked in her awesome saree and the groom in his traditional wear, posing in the garden or by the beach, with the lapping waves by the side.

The focus would be to capture a variety of shots of the couple; in close up; at mid range and definitely long shots for perspective.

The costumes of the couple also plays a major role in getting a great photoshoot going.

For all those traditional photoshoots, we have the bride wearing her typical regional costume, be it bengali, malayali, telugu or marathi. The Indian costumes are as colourful as they come and they are a great props for great photographs of the couple.

Like I said, it is always easy and most efffective when the couple photoshoot happens before the event in question, be it betrothal, reception or wedding. This is because, the couple are fresh from the makeup and full of energy. As the event progresses, the tiredness creeps and at the end of any event, the couple are far from their best of moods, since the body doesn’t support the mind, which says “Yes, let’s do the photoshoot”.

Further, the makeup might have run off a shade, the hair might have gotten undone a bit, which means extreme closeups aren’t possible.

One exception is the marriage, especially if the wedding is in the morning. When the wedding is in the morning, it is possible that the wedding rituals and the games that are a part of it, would be over by around noon.

This would leave sometime for the photographers to capture the couple in their wedding costume. We always recommend the MUA is retained till the end, since the makeup could be adjusted everytime before a shoot.

If possible, retain your MUA for the entire shoot duration. This is especially true for your pre wedding or post wedding photoshoot.


For the pre wedding or post wedding couple shoot, you first need to fix a budget. The shooter’s budget would be upwards of Rs.25K; you then need to consider the venue rental; a five star resort would cost you upwards of Rs.25K for a 4 hour shoot duration. Apart from this, you need to take into consideration the to and fro cab charges, food and refreshments for the photo crew.

Based on your budget, time and availability, book your venue, well in advance, to avoid a last minute disappointment.

Let’s assume it is a local photoshoot, in a nearby beach resort. It pays to book your makeup artiste who can be with you for the shoot in its entirety. This will ensure that you look the best at all times of the shoot.


It again depends on you. We recommend an early morning photoshoot when it is still dark as we wait for the golden hour to begin, to start clicking.

If getting up early is not your thing, then you could consider a late afternoon shoot, which could go on till sundown.

In any case ensure the makeup is done on time and you report on time. As you know, light is very important for grand pictures and there is no light better than sunlight.

If you like to have night captures, you should consider booking a studio beforehand and book a slot that is convenient for you and the photographer.

When you book a resort or a studio, you may be offered a wash and change room for costume change and all.

Most importantly, weekends are not usually preferred, especially in resorts, since there may be a lot of guests around. In fact some of the resorts may not allow couple photoshoot on weekends.

So, there you are. Hopefully, you are ready for your couple photoshoot now. Hope you enjoy our pictures here.

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