Black and White Photography Ideas

For the sake of variety, we love to capture our couples in black and white too. These are a few black and white photography ideas or you. Here, the focus is  only on the subjects, since there are no distractions by way of colour.

Since, everything waters down to different shades of gray, the eyes look at a black and white photo differently. Each one of us may be looking at a different point in a colour photograph, but in black and white photography, the focus is on the subjects, or all over.

So, effectively a black and white photograph is appreciated more, while the viewer absorbs the essence of it.

In black and white couple photos, it is mostly the couple that are seen prominently and their chemistry, within themselves and the surroundings.

Instead of colour, as the case is with a colour photo, it is the tone and texture of the photo that assumes importance. And of course, the aspect of light in the photograph.

Most importantly, the lack of colour eliminates distractions and guides the focus on the subjects and the things that the photographer wants his audience to see, like a magician.

Of course, we all believe that the photographer is a magician with a camera in lieu of a wand, don’t we? 🙂

The scope of black and white photography is that it provides us an opportunity for the photographer to think beyond colour and focus instead on the other aspects of framing, shadows, unique patterns etc.,

A black and white photograph is capable of tugging an emotional chord in us and can typically be a mood changing moment when we look at a special photograph.


In addition, there is a mystery attached to any black and white photograph, the how, when and where of it and also keeps you guessing about how it would be in colour.


A black and white photograph also shows up as being timeless, for the same reason.

We try to minimize the shades of grey in our photos; limiting the variations to a minimum. It helps when the photographer thinks in a black and white perspective.

The focus is on the couple photography and here are some black and white couple images that we share here for your appreciation. We also feel that emotions are better captured in black and white.

And when you increase contrast and reduce your brightness, you end up with a beautiful composition that exudes a mysterious feel, making you want to go to that moment and experience it.

Photographers are very emotional beings and love to showcase it in their works; we aren’t any different.

Hope you like these results from our black and white photoshoot, otherwise called monochrome photography for its lack of colour. If you ask a real photographer, he may settle for black and white couple photos, instead of colour, for all the reasons stated above.

So, if you are a couple and are looking to get captured like these dreamy shots, get your phone and call us or Whatsapp us for a quick chat. We would love to be a part of your wedding, not only for black and white photography ideas, but for your happily ever after.

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