‘When love sprung natural, traditions become virtue’ – Sandeep & Sindhu.


It was  ‘Fight at first sight but love at every site’ for Sandeep & Sindhu. Their love story begins with a fight at a club and spring eventually everywhere they met. Sandeep, a Handsome straight forward person turned vulnerable and charming on the love alignment with sweet, level headed & gorgeous Sindhu.


A lovable couple who are in love, committed to have a pure traditional destination wedding. Their very choice of Kumbakonam( Temple city) – Indeco Hotels Swamimalai authenticated the signature style traditional wedding. Every event / ritual of the whole wedding ceremony had a cultural fragrance & traditional touch. The couple had a friendly family and family as friends who elevated the whole wedding ceremony a real elevated extravaganza. 

It was like a festival of two families where we really witnessed the blending of two families into one in joy. We literally felt like the wedding should not be ending, as we still can relive those fun, laughter, dancing moments, whirlwind of emotions, tearful smiles, hearty blessings….In a true sense, it was really  a pure traditional wedding festival to remember forever.


The whole wedding festival was so cultural, right from the grand bride entry in a chariot lifted by family members, traditional dance, Uriyati and other traditional celebrations which were not just looked beautiful but embedded with deeper meaning. The venue, decorations, rituals and other celebrations took us twenty years back and made us witness how the real traditional wedding would be in those days.

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