Have you been invited to an Anglo Indian wedding? Here is a brief virtual tour of an Anglo Indian wedding that we covered recently. It usually starts sedately, followed by a hurried drive to the chapel, because the make up got delayed. Well, most preparations to weddings do begin sluggishly, because there is a false sense of secure feeling of having all the time in the world. Only when the make-up artist delays her end-game, butterflies start to flutter in the stomach. Of course, as with every other wedding, the photographers are at the receiving end here, because the shots have to be completed with whatever little time there is.

I believe it was the church inside the Loyola College campus that we had this wedding. The beautiful bride and the handsome groom, truly looked like they were made for each other. The bride was an affable and sweet one, which cooperated full with the make-up and the photographers too and was always throwing her best smile, even when she knew that there was a delay. It was late afternoon and there was traffic on the roads. But, eventually, the bride and groom made it to the church in time.

The arrival of the bride, the groom and the immediate family are all a sight to savour. The groom in wait, nervously, while the bride walked in with her dad and mom on either side.

The rituals went on for a good part of an hour, with the choir singing beautifully orchestrated hymns that matched the ambience, culminating in the wedding being solemnised by the seniors. The ring exchange and the first kiss were captured beautifully.

The couple are then outside the church, for a short but lovely photo, video session in the front with the church spire in the background. Lovely captures to be held precious for life. The function then continued at the hotel, the reception, which was a lovely lovely affair, with heart throbbing music by Ryan Fernandez and the  Undercovers. The elegant mesmerising decor by Marriage Colours added to the royalty; song, dance and merriment followed well into the night; essentially, it was an eventful event!

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