Bridesmaids, mostly friends of the bride, who energize and make the mood in the dressing room powerful with their presence. It is quite natural for the bride to feel pensive, apprehensive and a little or more nervous, for various reasons.

The make up artiste may turn up late, the make up session may have started late, the bride may not be the patient type and yall know how long the bridal make up session lasts, or it may be just the jitters before the event.

There is just one medicine for all these; bring all the bridesmaids in and populate the brides room.

The bridesmaids are usually those set of girls who look alike in the entire crowd. They are considered a very important set of people after the bride in the event. The brides family ensures that all the bridesmaids are dressed up in the same attire and it looks great when the bride walks in with all the beautiful bridesmaids in tow, a wonderful scene indeed.

Here are a few lovely captures of the bride with her bridesmaids, for your visual treat.

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