Looking good in every photo, every emotion captured

Be conscious that God is keeping a watch over us.
Well, in this case, the camera is God and is keeping a watch on us all the time. So, when we know that we are being watched, what do we do? We ensure that we are in our most pleasant self all the time. We do not want the camera to capture anything that we do not want to be seen or captured.
And to ensure that everything is captured, what we need to do is to do things in a laidback mode. For example, we should not rush through the rituals as if we are on the track for the 100m dash. Tell yourself that you have all the time in the world and do it calmly. If you have to walk, let it be a slow and steady stride and not a speed walk.
Remember that the photographers are there to capture all the events and all the important moments. We need to give time for the photographers to think, decide and capture our best photographs for life.

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