Props for Shoots
Props for Shoots

Saying Happy birthday with her favourite chocolate bar in hand packs more power does not it? That is the power of props. They have the ability to enhance, elevate and energize the moments captured on camera.
Here are a few props that would make the couple enjoy their photo session and take home sweet memories to share and remember for the rest of their life.  

Unique Pre-Wedding Props

Beyond the magic of being able to tell us a story, props also add fun, drama and colour to the scene. With couples who are willing to go the extra mile to add more fun, there is no limit, especially when they vibe well with the photographer.
These are only a sample set of props. The right photographer may even be able to make sand creatively in a photograph.

1. Veena/Tabla/Other instrument

Not just a Veena or a Tabla, which is mentioned for reference. It could be any musical instrument, which will add mystery to the picture captured. If one of them really knows how to play the instrument, then nothing like it. It will be adding magic to the mystery.
On the other hand, we may not be expert musicians, or even not aware of the seven basic notes, but how does it prevent us from taking up the guitar or the violin to act our favourite scene from our favourite movie? These are cute props that make you look great in the pictures.

2. Bicycles, Scooters

Bicycles, scooters and motorbikes, especially the old ones are really a great addition to the photoshoot. Whoever does not like to pose on the old Chetak or Vespa or a Jawa, driving down the roads of vintage old town.

3. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a great prop for a shoot; they are also used in rituals in some Indian weddings, but, as a photoshoot prop, they are great, as they come in colourful combinations. Add the combination of an umbrella, the colourful couple in colourful garments, an overcast sky, with a centuries old monument in the background and a strong drizzle to boot. Can you visualize this? This is where photography stops and poetry begins..

4. Lettering/Words/Quotes
Stencils are used as props in weddings creatively. A lot of couples have started using hashtags for their wedding recently. So, this hashtag could be a stenciled frame at the entrance. Individual stenciled characters may be held by the friends revealing the names of the bride and the groom, the options are many. 

5. Pets
Pets do make a wonderful prop; now we all love those adorable pets in the family. There are many instances of the couple posing happily with their pets. 

6. Vintage Cars
Do you remember your familys first car? Do you still have it? Well that would be wonderful too. It can be any car; a symbol of a journey; not a lone journey, but with your co-driver! With this symbolism, you get into the car and you get out with wonderful pictures for the long drive in life ahead.

7. The Wedding Ring
A lot of times the engagement ring is used as a beautiful prop by the photographer. One need not necessarily go hunting for a prop; sometimes it is there right in front of you. Photos with rings as props come out really well, they do.

8. Confetti, Glitters
They may make the cleaning staff upset, but as props confetti are a unique choice. They come out in different shapes and colours and are capable of enhancing the photos to a different level. Glitters too have a telling effect in the photos. Glitters, when they are blended along with sparkling lights, just when twilight has set in, is a great ambience for a grand shot or two. Get your photographer interested in this.

9. Boats
It is not the build quality, the colour or the size of the boat that matters; it only matters that it is a boat. The silent and still waters, the deep throb of the boats engine or the splash of the waters amidst the silent journey, is enough to end up as great photos adorning our drawing room.

10. Bikes
It is good if you are a biker; great if you are not. Either ways, we are sure of great shots. Down the winding roads of the western ghats, is a great choice; or a wild trip along the ECR; or just anywhere is a good bet.

11. Soap Bubbles
Get that bubble kit from the roadside vendor and walk down to the nearest park and you are good to go. The transparent bubbles with their inherent reflection of the colours of the rainbow; the bursting of them on a fingers touch; all your inner joys come out and are captured forever.

12. Frame Yourself
Most photographers have these frames with them; if not, we can get it from any photo frame shop. Blank photo frames are another good choice to frame yourself in the lap of nature.

15. Scrabble
Using scrabble letters is a fancy choice suggested by many photographers. Get any word in order to capture the essence of the moment. This is going to be a wonderful photo that you cherish.

16. A Dinner Setup
If you have a decorator in place, you could set up anything you want, in a place of your choice. Get your decorator to build a candle light dinner setup for you, at the resort you are staying, by the beach side. The photographers are going to have a sweet time photographing you, while you have a fun time enjoying your candle light dinner.

17. Colourful Dupatta
Your colourful silky smooth dupatta fluttering in the wind, while you enjoy the breeze in your faces, with a century old temple tower in the background, is a wild catch; do not miss this.

18. Everyday Objects
Lets choose your home, your own bedroom for the shoot; on your bed with your everyday favourites right by your side, with the better part of your life to be for company. Remember your days as a single while you ponder your future as man and wife, as you pose with your favourite book, working on the laptop, slouching on the couch or the bean bag; that should be fun.

19. Petals
Colourful flowers are always a favorite of props. As the petals fall down from the sky, the vision is the almighty showering the blessings; cute captures by the camera tell you the story.

21. Text Boards
Boards with printed text are used most of the time, with the Mr.  & Mrs. titles. These are cool, but, if you can get think of something different, would be better. Let your photographer worry about it, while you think about your smiles and attitude.

22. Swings
Did not we visit the park earlier? Did you miss those swings there? Let us have a few fun shots on the swings; as we lose a few years and become little children again.

23. Lamps and lanterns
Lamps have been a symbol of prosperity for long. Light a few lamps around and the ambience changes in an instant. How about letting off a few Chinese lanterns by the beach. Or a languid beach walk holding a hurricane lamp, while your photographers have fun capturing your romantic walk.

24. Colour sprays, Colour bombs
These are the latest in colourfulness; these colour bombs come in various colours and can be used to create colour smoke around you for that dreamy effect. Did you walk around the resort during dusk? Then, you may encounter a person with an insect repellent fogging machine, who can get that white smoke spread around you; just consider yourself lucky there.

25. Pillows
Though not our favourite, they may have a telling effect with the couple play acting a fight in the bedroom with these pillows and stuff; how very romantic.

26. Lights & effects 
With special settings on the camera, surreal light effects are possible. Ask your photographer for ideas.

28. Drapes
These are often used props by the photographers to good effect; especially when there is a good gentle breeze around, it produces enchanting pictures of the bride and the groom. Just make sure that the drapes are colourful and blend with your attire.

29. Life jackets, tubes, floats
Bright life jackets, tubes and floats are a good choice when you are ready to get wet. Just drop in the pool in your colourful attire with one of these for effect. Thats a cool pix for you.

30. Nature by your side
There are still quite a few places that give you the forest feel. Get there in the midst of the dense shrubbery for a few of those mysterious photographs. The trees, all the greenery, twigs and stones will be your props there.

31. Flowers, bouquets
Flowers, bouquets, if available, make good props for a picture or two. These are especially easy, when it is before or just after the wedding. Flowers strewn around, a bouquet in hand or a floral garland hanging around the neck are great colourful attachments that provide the speciality feature.

35. Sparklers
Sparklers, one or more can be carried by the couple for that starlit effect around them. Works well during twilight or in the night, when it is completely dark. Creates a dreamlike state for the photo.

36. Slate
A black slate with your wedding day written on it. Or something else! Whaddya think? Good?

37. Your favourite Ray Ban aviator
Things may come and go; but the aviator is here to stay. How about a reflection of the bride on the aviators dark shade. Thats cool. You may want to try this.

38. Quirky Symbols like &You & I
That is what the ampersand symbol stands for. This could be a nice prop for a couple of shots with the just married couple or to be married ones. Or it could be anything else. Do some brainstorming.

39. Your smartphones
Smartphones may be used in many ways; it could be a selfie by the couple. An enterprising photographer took the photo of the two smartphones with the brides pic in one and the grooms pic in the other. Cool, aint it?

40. Mirchi or fairy lights
With these fairy lights wrapped around them, the couple look like those electric dancers from one of the films of the past; just be careful that you do not get a shock, mind you!

41. Wedding veil
Just after the church wedding; these could be great shots, especially with the church spire in the background; if it is twilight and the churchs lights are on, especially dream-like. Stay still and get it; Gods is blessing you right there.

42. Multiple exposure
This is an over exploited shot many times over, but still, there is an aura of fantasy to this shot. It may be a forest, or green trees or the sea or the sky for effect; let your photographer know you are interested in one of these. 

43. Sweets, chocolates
Nothing much to say here; let us have fun eating the sweets and chocolates; let the photographers have fun capturing us; give them some too; do not let them leave drooling.

Photo booth

You must be aware of the photo booth concept. There are two variations to this. One is the fancy backdrop, which the decorator designs and installs in a prominent part of the hall. Here a photographer armed with an instant camera, captures photos, which are instantly printed and handed over to the guests.
This photographer can also be on the move and can go visit any part of the venue and service many number of guests.
There is a dedicated camera, sometimes with a mirror for the guests to see themselves and pose appropriately, which captures the photographs of the guests and hands them over in a matter of minutes.

This is a static photo booth which requires guests to get over to the photo booth area to be photographed.

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