Q and A with Siddaharth Shashankan
Q and A with Siddharth Shashankan

Siddharth Shashankan is a Chennai based Fashion Designer. A Keralite by birth, he studied in Delhi and Singapore. Graduated from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore in 2007 with a degree in Fashion Design (Northumbria University, UK).

Hangar, is a high-end fashion label designed and produced by Hangar Atelier, offering traditional and contemporary ensembles for men and women.A brand that believes in the reflection of eras in perfect harmony with the new age, blending beyond boundaries – Hangar offers subtle glamour quotients via custom fittings and bespoke services evolved with a motto that comprises of love for timeless classics, suave detailing and original design quality, Hangar explores smart use of textures, exclusive prints and balanced silhouettes.

Tell us about recent costume trends you find interesting?

a) In South- sister of the bride and hens party wearing off- beat colours

Bride wearing bohemian blouses with loose draped sleeves

b) Sustainable and green weddings- people are looking to reduce waste and make their event environment friendly. This is done with recycled paper for invites, using less plastic, and buying organic and eco- friendly gifts etc

Why do you suggest the wedding costume to be tailor made / customized?

Each bride and groom have their individual tastes and preferences. They bring their own life experience to what feels right for them on their big day. Whether it be a sentimental wish or lifelong fantasy, it is best to create what they want rather than make them fit into an existing pre-set notion. Also, rather than going for many alterations, when you customize, the bride and groom can feel really comfortable with their movements so they can enjoy the day. They can also get a feel for what works for them and they are wearing the outfit with ease instead of the outfit inhibiting them.

How do you recommend a costume based on the event types?

I find out all the details of the event- ambience, weather, indoor or outdoor. What type of activities will this event entail? Is it only for younger members or all ages? I will recommend outfits based on asking lot of questions to understand what would work best. I will also look into the lighting and background to see if the colours and shapes go well or clash.

How does the fabric or choosing the right colour shade makes a difference in look?

Every skin tone and body type is beautiful is beautiful. I believe in enhancing each persons natural traits. I start by working with the client to figure out which hue and size suits the client in order to make sure that the outfit I make for them brings out their confidence.Highlighting the face and body and drawing attention to it with my clothes is my aim. When they leave with my clothes on, I want them to be their best version.

How do you describe your signature costume style?

Ever since 2016, I have been concentrating on bespoke orders. The clients opinion and suggestion plays an important role in the design process. Every garment I make for my client is 100% unique. This is because the end product is a perfect mix of my ideas and their input. Minimalism with crisp tailoring is a theme that runs through my work.

Will the Lehenga continue its way or will something else take over?

Lehenga is a classic but these days people look to regional touches. People look to lesser known outfits to give them a unique touch for example many lehengas these days use tribal motiffs and handwoven embroidery sourced from all corners of India.

Whats the colour of 2020?

Pastels are still going strong. Green is also replacing red since the wedding of Nayab and Asads Lahori wedding. Subdued ensembles with a splash of neon is also an emerging trend.

Is Kanjivaram still the right mix of traditional & contemporary for Muhurtham?

Yes but with modern updated hair and jewelry. Kanjivaram forms a good canvas to add individual touches. If the saree is very traditional, best to keep the accessories modern to keep the balance of the look.

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