Q and A with Sonia Malhotra
Q and A with Sonia Malhotra

Specializing in exclusive and creative handmade designer jewellery

Tell us about the recent  Jewellery  design trends you find interesting ?
The recent jewellery designs which I find interesting are that the modern bride of today or even the girls looking for jewellery want something they can repeat and easy to wear. We have started selling more of modern jewellery too like American diamonds with stones on the lines of Bulgari thats our speciality. We also do bridal jewellery, not really heavy ones because most of the brides are looking for bridal jewellery they can wear later and go more for antique finish.

Why do you suggest the bridal jewellery be customized ?
We only customise colour of the beads. We do not suggest that brides get designs customised as that takes 2 to 3 months and only if they have full faith only then do. We take custom orders because there is always little difference of upto 10 percent as its all hand made. Usually brides don’t wait that long so they prefer to pick what they see and colour of beads and adding certain elements that can be done in no time.

Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique ?
I got trained at London college of fashion in 2005, 2006, 2007 and then did my masters and advanced courses at IIGJ Delhi. As I lived in London and did many exhibitions there and Dubai and Delhi. I understood the market trends of different regions in my initial years; I dealt mostly with expats. What makes my collection unique is that I train underprivileged ladies to hand make jewellery. Although we do have a commercial section which is made by karigars in the workshop, we have a beautiful range of handmade jewellery which clients from all over the world appreciate. But, we do not put that on social media as people in India have no respect and copy each idea! Even my instagram ideas are unique but often copied! Also 15 years of experience in jewellery design does give you the upper hand and that reflects in our designs. Customers often say that our stuff is different from others.

What are the upcoming trends in the jewellery design industry?
Upcoming trends like I mentioned earlier will be practical jewellery; affordable and not over board. I think people are opting for American diamond set modern jewellery.

How would you see the year 2020 style: Classic? Contemporary? Casual? Vintage?
It would be a mix of all 4; vintage, classic, contemporary and casual

 Any other points that you wish to add?
I would just like to tell people that if you can spend lakhs on our outfit, please don’t wear trashy jewellery because the entire look gets wasted.

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