Tips for getting over Camera shyness  

Get rid of Shyness

A common hesitation that everyone experience during wedding photography is camera shyness. This is very obvious among all and especially with bride and groom when they tend to give poses. This increases the responsibility of the photographer to make them feel relaxed and comfortable for the photo shoot. Perhaps, it also depends on the photographer you choose.

When it comes to photography there are three main types of people that the photographer needs to handle and they are:

Hider: Person, who often hides behind people, try to grab a child near quickly or stand on furthest outskirts of a photo, which ultimately go out of frame.

Blocker: This is a person turn his/her head to the side, putting hair in front of the face or holding hands up of face in protest or even refuse to take hands down until the photo is captured.

Aggressor: Person seen doing flip-of-the-bird, disgusted face contortion, randomly exaggerated or often gives inappropriate poses.

Besides the personalities that the photographer needs to manage in the wedding photography session, here are a few tips about how to get rid of camera shyness and give awesome poses for excellent images:  

As the first rule of getting rid of shyness, remember that someone wants you to be a part of their memory. Therefore, don’t just focus on the action of the shot taken rather focus on their purpose of the photography. In addition, your participation also influences others in taking great wedding photographs

Your personal preferences can also impact your mood while relieving you from the shyness of photo shoot. Therefore pay attention to your preferences like favorite outfit or preferred color accessories that can bring the happiness and confidence to give pose for wedding photographs

As a next smart tip to overcome camera shyness, is to gather your friends and closer ones to practice giving poses for the photography. You can also setup your computer or laptop camera or even use your smartphone camera to capture photos. This will make you feel comfortable and prepare yourself for wedding photography

Overcome fear. Fear is one of the major reasons for everyone no matter it is a bride or groom to feel shy giving poses for wedding photography. Therefore, something you need to do is gradually practicing overcome your fear, if you certainly want awesome photographs that turn to be a wonderful memory in your lifetime

Another smart trick to overcome camera shyness on your wedding photography is to pull your closer ones and friends whom you feel to be comfortable. This trick certainly works in all cases

Apart from all these above-said tips finding a friendly photographer also has a key importance in helping you relieve from camera shyness on the big day photography. Therefore take efforts to find a photographer who is not only professional and experienced but also friendly.

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