Candid and Regular Photography
Candid and Regular Photography

Traditional or Regular, the past

Wedding photography used to be a profession; strictly professional, where the photographer comes in, captures photographs as the guests stand together, capture the event as they happened, leave, come back a few days later, deliver the album and say bye bye.

It used to be a record of the events, rather than a celebration of emotions. A sombre record of a rather sombre sequence of events.

Traditional photography is the sequential capture of all the moments from the event. They usually use a flash, in case there is insufficient lighting in the venue. Mostly, group photos at the end of the programme are usually captured by the regular/traditional photographer.

Candid, the present

In the recent past, weddings have evolved into so much fun, with a lot of activities roped in to the schedule. People want to make sure that they enjoy every bit of the celebrations and make the most out of it.

As a result, wedding photography has also evolved and become more of an art, to capture the candid moments as they happen. With the advent of and the popularity of social media, people are seeing themselves in the limelight, in whatever small little circle they are in.

And the need, the passionate compulsion to look good is so huge that no one cares to resist the temptation to look good.

So, the wedding photography market has exploded with the make-up artists ruling the roost. So much so that even the photographers sometimes take a back seat.

Get the best photographers for your wedding and with intelligent use of lighting, natural and otherwise, trust your photographer to get the best out of you on the day of your wedding. 

Candid photos are the capture of emotions and defining moments, mostly in close ups, especially with the bride and the groom. In candid photographs, the photos are captured using existing light and mostly without a flash.

Captures include candid moments of the event and surrounding the event. In the case of a roaming candid, more candid and interesting photos are captured; including the venue, decor, guests, food, entertainment and all things of importance.

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