Destination Wedding in Kerala
Destination Wedding in Kerala

Prasanth & Nithya

Tie the knots, cos that is where it all starts.. .would probably be a suitable tagline for the love story of Prasanth & Nithya.

It is the story of how Kerala fell in love with Tamil Nadu. The River Retreat Resort, Cheruthuruthi, Kerala is a place where Prasanth met Nithya when he drove his newly wed sister for her couple outdoor shoot. It was love at first sight. Prasanth was blown over by the charm of Nithya, but he never proposed till he got a clue that she too was interested in him.

Prasanth & Nithya look cute as a couple but are extremely emotional as individuals. They wanted their wedding truly theirs, so they planned everything from A to Z, taking great care about it all. Our team was surprised at the host of events they managed to wrap in the three day wedding ceremony. In fact, it was a wedding dhamaka and all events were real festivities with cheerful faces, happy feet and foot tapping music, tearful eyes, colourful crowds, wonderful locations and a truly beautiful pair. Every scene was worth capturing and we share a few here.  

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