The beginning of 2002 saw the appearance of digital technology in the scene. This paved the way for improved coverage of the wedding with more number of pictures and variety of exposures. The same changes happened with the video cameras too. And, photo and video transformed into a creative recording of the celebrations. .In India, two styles of wedding photography occupy a prominent position, one called traditional and the other one is photo-journalistic or candid photography. While traditional still is in trend, candid photography has become the popular choice of modern couples.
It was after 2008 that wedding photography witnessed the emergence of photojournalistic wedding photo-videography. And, by mid 2010, the word candid photography became popular. Candid photography is a realistic wedding photography which captures spontaneous emotions of people who never know the fact that they have been clicked by the candid photographer. In candid wedding photography, the photographer moves around the wedding area/venue clicking randomly without letting people aware of their image being captured. It is more of a sophisticated kind of high-end photography which demands a great deal of nuances of photojournalistic photography style.


In these celebrations of the weddings, almost all of the categories of photo and videography will be covered. Apart from traditional wedding videography, all other categories of capture are done, as the situation and lighting permits. Most of this is captured in the latest Sony Alpha series or the favourite Canon or Nikon based on the professionals preference.

All coverage is mostly candid, which means the subjects are captured unobtrusively, wherever possible, which is called reportage videography in the UK, or photojournalistic wedding video elsewhere.

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