Q and A with Farah Khan
Q and A with Farah Khan

Jewellery designer known for artistic, flamboyant and opulent designs

Tell us about the recent jewellery design trends you find interesting ?
The world has and will change post Covid 19 and so will the trends in jewellery. The buying going forward would be emotional buying that connects to sentiments that one survived this time in history. The trends I see going forward would be symbolic and spiritual messaging that captures the spirit of being “”alive””. People would seek out jewellery that is minimal but ornate and well made. They will seek excellent products even if they buy less in comparison.

The jewellery created would be that which evokes happiness, joy, and an emotional sentiment.

Why do you suggest the bridal jewellery be customized ?
The way weddings happened in the past will change, there will be smaller weddings with only family members and very close friends. The jewellery will be customised to the way our social life changes. Smaller social gatherings will translate to lighter wear jewellery. The bridal jewellery will be designed keeping in mind the millennial tastes so that they can wear it equally on a lehenga as well as on a white shirt as a style statement.

Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique ?
My design style is essentially both classic and contemporary. I like mixing Indian motifs in design with western colour palettes to create one of a kind pieces that make an effective style statement and are conversation starters. Even if the jewellery  is small in size, it has to be WOW. I give lots of attention to detail and to the quality I use in my products. I also pay equal attention to the functionality of every piece I make so as to make the experience pleasurable to the wearer. I play with many colour palettes using various gemstones that make my bejewelled canvas.

What are the upcoming trends in the jewellery design industry?
Symbolic Signature emotional driven jewellery that will be opti-minimum style statements. Jewellery that can be worn more often on a daily basis.

How would you see the year 2020 style: Classic? Contemporary? Casual? Vintage?
I see 2020 as a year of very minimum contemporary and classic jewellery with vintage thrown in. As a result of the lockdown, there can be revenge buying once the market opens so many will look for meaningful jewellery to mark this time of history as one where they survived this pandemic.

Any other points that you wish to add?
To all Brides who plan their wedding jewellery, I would like to say, please plan your jewellery before your outfit as your jewellery will be passed down generations much after your lifetime and will bring back memories attached to it and become more precious in time. Also take time to sit with your jewellery designer, jeweller and discuss what you would like your jewellery to be like so it is customised for you and becomes a part of you.

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