Top Wedding Photographers Chennai
Top Wedding Photographers Chennai

There is a question lingering in the minds of most of us, with respect to hiring wedding photographers in Chennai. Is it really necessary to get the top wedding photographers for the wedding coverage? What is it that they will do other than the regular set of photographers that I can get in my area studio? The answer is a big Yes. One needs to get the best of wedding photographers, whether it be wedding or reception or any function for that matter.  

Coming to the reasons for getting the top wedding photographers, the most important reason is experience. The top gun knows the wedding industry inside out; with the many years of experience in the industry, having seen a variety of weddings, in different genre, religions, languages, that person can provide insight and precision inputs, for any photographer that works under him/her.  

The wedding, being a once in a lifetime function, in the life of any person, is seen as an important milestone in an individuals life, needing the utmost focus to coverage. It is an event where there are no re-takes; any ritual is done only but once. And it takes the experience of the experienced photographer to get it right the first time.  

Timing is of prime importance and the top wedding photographers take no chance when it comes to coverage. They always have one hand extra to cover any exigency. And they are on top of the sequence of events so that nothing is left out for coverage. It is just a fraction of a second that a certain part of ritual happens and it is the most keen and watchful photographer that covers it perfectly.  

And there is always another angle that is considered for the same sequence of events. We have more than one snapshot of the event and we can always choose the better of shots from the collection. This differentiates the top wedding photographers in Chennai from the others. And, there is always timely deliveries of the deliverables. To get the best wedding teaser video, you need to hire from the top of the pyramid. The feature that defines the best wedding teaser video is in many parts. The way the sequence of events from the wedding are recorded, the coverage of the important guests, the angles, the shot selection, the lighting, all play a part. And, most importantly, all these sequences have to be slickly edited in and out of sequence, to create a dramatic effect. Only a creative head with fine editing skills, using the latest developments, can deliver the best.  

Decor is something that adds much quality to the output, be it the wedding album or the wedding video. And the top take no chances here and cover the decor in all angles possible, with close ups, wide shots and all.  

The top wedding photographers and videographers do not miss out on anything of importance; like the couple dancing, friends posing in photo booth, couple posing in photobooth, the welcoming of the groom, the arrival of the bride, the wedding rituals, the janavasam or procession, the kasi yathirai, candid shots of the couple are all covered.  

Would they miss out on the outdoor photoshoot? No, never.  

And there is the oonjal with near and dear, the couple grand entry, the kanya dhanam ritual, the emotional mother during these events, the ammi midhichu arundhati paathu sequence, the wedding rituals collectively are all exclusively captured in the camera both by the photographers and the videographers.   

Just for you to understand the variety of scenes that are possible in a wedding sangeet here are some scenes; like posing with the audi, the sangeet intro with dhol, the colourful dance floor at sangeet, noisy friends at the party, the variety of dance sequences at sangeet, the couple on a bike or on the famous Bajaj Chetak scooter and all.  

Scenes like the couple walking in the rain, the happy father, teary eyed mother, form great captures for the candid cameraman.  

And the colourful janavasam or the night procession in a chariot; a beautifully decked up white horse drawn chariot with the bride and groom in attendance are all never missed out by the top wedding photographers and these clips are very important for the creation of the best wedding teaser video in the post production phase.  

The additional sequence of events like the carnatic musical concert are a bonus that add colour to the events. The point is that even though the coverage is done candidly, none of the sequences are missed out and it becomes easy for the album designer and the video editor in post production to get the best wedding teaser video out of the clips covered.  

For all these reasons, it definitely makes sense to hire the top wedding photographers for your wedding.  

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