Traditional Tamil Wedding
Traditional Tamil Wedding

Gokul & Dhanya

A beautiful couple had their reception a day before their wedding. The groom called the bride and she picked up her mobile and said hello. The groom said its me. I really wish to share something important with you, before we gear up for our reception. Its been 148 days since I first met you, all these days were the happiest days of my life. You are such a stunning beauty for which I cant help myself but fall for it. He sang a song dedicating it to her.

Thaaramae thaaramae vaa
Vaazhvin vaasamae vaasamae
Nee dhaanae
Thaaramae thaaramae vaa
Endhan suvasamae suvasamae
Nee uyirae

The bride turned emotional and said I Love You. then started crying. The whole photography and videography team got emotionally moved and curiously listened into what would be the grooms reply.. The groom said, I too love you… Hey, please don’t cry.. Your makeup would go off darling.. The bride immediately stopped crying and said yeah…with a smile.. Everyone laughed and is how the whole wedding capturing episode of Gokul & Dhanya started.

Great marriages happen not because of the love one had initially but how well he/she could continue building it over a period till the end. Our team witnessed one such beginning of a great marriage, as the couple never let any cue to anyone to sniff and call theirs an arranged marriage.

One of the most entertaining couples, ATLHEA encountered is Gokul & Dhanya. The couple were rocking throughout their wedding ceremony, right from performing on their sangeet (both of them sang & danced) till the last click. Though their performance was the super highlight on their sangeet, the whole crowd got emotionally moved when the brides father outbroke on DJs final touch Kannana Kanne a tamil song from Viswasam movie. The affectionate father was again shook emotionally when he performed the Kanyadanam ritual.

It was quite a big fat wedding that had lots of celebrity guests. Every layer of their wedding had a unique combo of fun, emotion, blessing, positive vibrations and refreshing experience. We were so proud to be part of their important day and delighted to share a few here…

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