The bridal shower is a recent addition to the Indian wedding scenario, which is a celebration or function that is hosted to honour the soon to be bride. It usually follow a theme, mostly a part of the theme for the wedding. The colours, the props, the costumes may all match and enhance the ambience of the scheme. There is food, there is drink and there are games, dance and a few speeches, may be. These are the ingredients of a spicy Indian bridal shower.

Normally, it is a closed function, where only close friends and relatives are invited. It is a festive occasion that helps to know more about the bride, to know her likes and so on, in order to choose the right gift for her, to make her doubly happy on her best day.

There is never any lack of stories about the bride. What better occasion than the bridal shower to share funny, emotional and daring stories about the bride, with the near and dear ones. The bridal shower is probably one of the most lively functions in the run up to the wedding.

Sometimes, it may be a girls only event, but mostly, it is a combination of all close ones, while the groom may be a surprise entry. Sometimes, the entire schedule is a surprise for the bride, to keep her guessing. It is sometimes nice, if the bride is up to it.

Some restaurants may even have special bridal shower menus; which is generally decided based on the choices of the bride, since she will be in the spotlight the whole time. Here are a few captures from our recent bridal shower assignment.

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