As part of Marriage Colours (, we have seen and done it all, the varieties of bride and groom entry are numerous and can be an event by itself. It could be a simple walking in of the bride and groom to their favourite tune, with the variation being live music played by the key performer, as he walks in front of the bride and the groom, playing the music, leading them to the stage.

It could be a decorated chariot for the groom and a swan like palki for the bride, it could be a vintage car that drives up to the stage to drop the couple; if the couple are a extroverted type, it could be a dancing in instead of the walking in, with or without the company of dancers; the choices are innumerable.

In fact, we have a special session with the bride and groom, just to discuss the bride and groom entry. It is all dependent on what they like and what they would like to do at that moment. Instagram and Facebook are the inspirations right now. When somebody sees a certain entry that they like, they would like to consider it for their wedding. The budget also plays a part. We have seen the bride and groom drop in from a helicopter, so there.

Here are a few samples of bride and groom entry from our collection.

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