In any event, the decor is one of the most important and qualitative element that people notice, observe and evaluate. So, the decor has its esteemed place in the event. And so, for this very reason, the bride is captured with most of the decor in the background, near or far. It is the case of the bride making the decor look more beautiful and the decor making the bride look even more beautiful.

We always make sure that the bride is captured in full grandeur, with all the decor elements in plain sight in the foreground or the background. The best time for us to do this is just before the start of the function, be it the sangeet or reception. The reason for this is that the bride would be fresh from the make up session and is in the best of spirits, in anticipation of a great evening in store for her.

The session is probably a mix of candid and posed candids, where the bride is instructed or coached to act naturally; we believe that it is in the instructions that the secret to good photographs lie; and the focus of the mind plays a big part in getting great bridal portraits. For example, we would probably ask the bride to visualize herself and the groom walking under moonlight on their honeymoon. Imagine the face of the bride brightening up and the smile appearing automatically.

Here are a few lovely captures of the bride portraits behind decor.

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