Every wedding, especially the southern Indian ones, are full of ancient rituals. They are a sight to watch; while they are novel for the youngsters, they evoke memories in the minds of the elders, who remember the old times and incidents with mixed feelings of nostalgia.

Vashista and Arundhati are one of the most celebrated couples in ancient history. Her loyalty and service to her husband are referred to as unparalleled in the epic poem Mahabharata.

It is in recognition of this loyal couple that arundhati becomes one of the main rituals in the Indian marriage ceremony. Here, the groom shows the bride the Vashista and Arundhati, the stars representing the ideal couple, with the belief that their marriage would also be fulfilling and that they remain loyal to each other; as they see the symbols of love and affection.

These days, it is more symbolic than real, which is a matter of concern. Here are a few happy moments from the Arundhati Nakshatram ritual from our weddings

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