It is fun, fun, fun all the way. In the remote river side resort in Kerala, away from the hustle and bustle of city life; this was before Covid19, when the bride and groom were to be joined by friends, is there a limit to the fun? Indeed, no.

It was a silent evening, with the Sun slowly taking leave of the Earth and the stars making their appearance. The water flowing by the riverside, breaking the monotony and playing in the soothing background, is the perfect ambience for the celebrations.

As the guests slowly trickled in, and the DJ setting the mood, for the evening party to begin. In the beginning, it was a slow jive; the DJ was much experienced in these kinds of events; slowly upping the tempo, the friends of the couple chipping in as ideal sidekicks, the party hit the crescendo before flattening out.

The cake cutting was the highlight and it is pretty obvious that the couple had to go and bathe themselves to clean the mess caused by the carbonated water shower. Posing, dancing and jiving to breathtaking music, the wonderful evening comes to an end late in the night, when the lights dimmed and the eyes began to flutter sleepily.

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