Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai
Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Candid wedding photography is the in thing now. We have seen a lot of brides and grooms and most of them, do not want to pose for their photos. Just it done candidly, I hear many say this; especially the grooms. So, this becomes a challenge. Because, the candid wedding photographers need to be on their toes now. Because, they do not want to miss any shot; and at the same time, it has to be candid. Unless you are a photographer, you will not appreciate the challenge it poses.  

Only the best candid wedding photographers are up to the challenge. So, a compromise is reached here. There are two or even three sets of photographers allocated for this purpose. The secret is to have a backup at all times. The scope for innovation; it is always in our minds. And the wedding scene is always running in the minds and processed instantaneously and the scene is immediately captured; be it the colourful umbrella shielding the groom captured from below, the grooms loving kiss for the bride, the ritual pouring of rice on head; these are scenes from a wedding. So, every wedding is the same; whats the difference, one may ask. But, the attire, the emotions and the participants are different and that makes every event unique and add the change in the angle of candid captures, the results are always best.  

There are innumerable shots taken during the entire event; bride and groom seated at the reception, posed shots of the bride and groom; candid shot of the bride wearing nose-ring, the grooms unique procession in a tractor, the happy laughing brides face in close quarters, there is no shortage of sequences that are important.  

The bride posing with the  bridesmaids is an important scene; it is captured in every wedding. But, we can make a difference and get a peppy image with the bridesmaids with their back to the camera and turning their face to the camera; and that becomes one of the best candid wedding photos.  

Emotions play a big part in the creation of arresting pictures in the portfolio of the best candid wedding photographers. The bride and groom entry, with the bride smiling from ear to ear is a great capture, the wedding rituals with bride and groom show their subtle emotions; the bride close up on wedding stage, the groom tying the knot being the brides happiest moment; can you imagine this? It is only an experienced candid wedding photographer that can expect these in advance and be ready for the shot; that is the key.  

In any such event, there is a hairline difference between a best shot and the worst photo; people do certain things in the spur of the moment; their actions get triggered by emotions; and if you lose that moment; then you have lost it forever. Here is a capture of the mother kissing and expressing her love for her son, the mother in law embracing her daughter in law, brides mother planting a loving kiss on her daughters cheeks, there are only a few seconds available for the candid wedding photographer to capture and the best never let go of these and many.  

The client who hires the best candid photographers in Chennai, will not know the specifics and will only be happy and surprised when they see these ultimate captures; it is not about capturing a scene; it is about freezing an emotion for life; these photographs speak volumes and a look at them years after; will trigger the same emotions in the minds of the participants, that is the prize for the photographer.  

Rituals are never left out; it is ensured that not even a shot is missed out from being frozen with the click of the professional camera, be it a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV or Sony or Fuji   

One can have the latest and best (as at the time of writing) Sony Alpha A7R III, Fujifilm X-T30 or Nikon D850 as per the choice, but all of the powerful cameras make no difference if the important scenes are left out from the rituals; the garlanding of groom by bride and vice versa, the most important tying of the holy knot called thali tying, the going around the fire God, the ammi mithithal ritual, close up of brides feet during this ammi mithithal ritual, the pouring of rice on each others heads by the bride and the groom is a normal part of the ritual, but it can be creatively captured as a candid shot of raining rice for the bride and groom; a shot from below creates a different feeling of awe for the viewer, as the perspective changes. With the change in perspective, the emotion changes too.  

There are lighter moments in the wedding where the bride and the groom play with each other, while the friends and close relatives encourage them; it is a noisy and exuberant scene, with a lot of fun.   

These and up till the moment the bride leaves, there is fun, frolic, with unlimited emotions all scattered around. There are also posed moments after the wedding; here is a sequence where the couple poses with a Wolseley Eight; for all those who do not know, it was a popular motor car brand during the war and these cars are hard to come by these days.  

For those who are wondering where this wedding took place, the bride is twirling around in the lawns of GPN Palace. And a few of our selection of candid photographs are Lord Ganesha wondering about the bride; and the photograph worth the caption, five lamps in attendance, oh but one is the bride.  

So, to complete our statement, if you are still thinking twice about hiring the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai, we would encourage you to go for the top players and choose from them. Because, you need the best candid wedding photographers for your most important event in your family.

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