Top wedding Cinematographers India
Top wedding Cinematographers India

India is a country where weddings are an important event in any family. We spend a considerable amount of our life savings in conducting the wedding of our sons and daughters. And needless to say, we are inclined to hire the top wedding cinematographers for our wedding.  

In this vast country called India, every expense is compromised, but the wedding expenses are given a free ride. Within the limits of our budget, we splurge.  

The one and only witness to a wedding long gone, is the wedding video that we have with us. And, these days, there is a lot of attention given for an exceptional wedding video, be it the teaser or highlights video, the montage or the extended video or the long video running about an hour long.  

When it comes to videos, the clips captured throughout the events are important, every one of them, since they capture the essence of the event. There are two things about capturing a scene. On is the scene as it happens; then there is a scene that happens after the scene.  

What I mean here is that the top wedding cinematographers do not compromise on footage. The more footage there is, the more the editors have content to work on. The wedding cinematographers at the top of the pyramid will always think one step ahead. How about capturing ambience noise, the bride, groom, relatives, friends having a good time. The fun and casual behaviour is more natural when people forget about the camera that is capturing them.  

That is the talent of the top cinematographer, who ensures that he always stays in the background and invisible.  

And as far as the shot selection is concerned, he always tries to experiment and innovate. The top angle shot of the bride, the close up shot of the mehendi hand, thought it has become a sort of cliche these days, the bride twirling around with her skirt forming a circle are a few examples.  

There are resident guests for the wedding, who are skilled at certain activities; such as bmx biking during the function. These are unique scenes that will be found only in this wedding. So, it becomes important. Then the couple by the beach in the elevated balcony, the dance by the brides mother, illuminated night decor are covered in some detail.  

The couple entry is always special. And the top wedding cinematographers always try to innovate. Here, in this instance, the couple entry is in a decked up golf cart, a cycle rickshaw, the limit is endless.  

The top wedding cinematographers in India, they do not want to miss out on unique scenes like the bridesmaids, teasing the groom. As the bride is getting ready, she exudes a nervous nervous smile; while the run of the mill wedding videographers would not be paying much attention to the multiple events. Telugu weddings are special and have variety, as far as the bride is concerned. The bridal haldi that happens before the wedding or the pellikuthuru butta or pelli butta, where the uncles carry the bride seated inside a basket, or the elated mom embracing the bride on her way out are some scenes that are not missed out on.  

To end, it is not the event coverage, but how the event was covered that makes the difference for the client. The top wedding cinematographers definitely make a difference and if you are serious, it is always worth the premium.

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