If there was one special moment in the entire wedding, it is the Bidai or Bidaai ritual. It is probably the most emotional moment, especially for the family of the bride. For those who are not aware of Indian rituals, may not understand the emotions behind it. It is the moment when the bride officially leaves her parents home for the home of her husband.

Those of you who follow the Indian tradition and culture, may be well aware of the emotional bond between the girl and the parents that goes beyond imagination. It is a strong and unbreakable connection. This is broken for the first time. And the daughter, the most loved one, leaves them to live with another family.

This is a big blow to the brides parents, because girl children are most loved and protected and considered precious jewels in the family, especially so for the father, with whom the girl children are very closely attached.

The emotions run both ways, with the father and daughter embracing each other, the father bravely holding back his tears, unsuccessfully most of the time and the girl sobbing inconsolably.

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