We have covered a few interesting bengali style weddings. It is not just the bengalis, but a few families that love the bengali culture, also follow the bengali style for their weddings.

India is such a cultural extravaganza that wherever you go, you see different rituals, festivities and customs. Bengal is no different. And the bengali wedding is also unique in its own way. Even though the idea is to bring together man and woman for a life together, it is the customs and rituals that breathe life into it all. The costumes, the head gear, the song, the dance, the music, the people; what a way to begin life together.

We had the good luck of covering one such wedding at ITC Grand Chola. Of course, it was all much before the pandemic and the wedding happened to a full house of friends and relatives, invited from all over the world. It was a mixed wedding, with the bride from Bengal and the groom from Tamilnadu. An intercultural wedding that was conducted in both the tamil brahmin style and also the bengali style.

To get married twice must be a strange feeling. But, we are sure it must be a feeling that is good. One gets to an emotional high two times in as many days. Isnt that wonderful?

Traditionally, the marriage is made by the ghotoks or matchmakers, who facilitate a formal introduction between the two families. But, in our case, it did not matter because this was a love marriage, by all means.

The head gear, called topor, of the bride and the groom are the highlights; looking grand in mostly white; and decorated well.

What you see are the bride in his grand attire and the bride in the midst of the Subho Dristi ritual; just after saat paak, the bride is removing the paan (betel) leaves and lovingly looks at the groom. This marks the beginning of a new beginning. It was truly a made for each other wedding; with the bride and groom equally in love with each other; the phrase “”love in the air”” would have been a suitable expression here. Enjoy the lovely captures.

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