Candid Wedding Photography Wedding Cinematography Chennai
Candid Wedding Photography Wedding Cinematography Chennai

Have you wondered what is it that makes a wedding photography or wedding cinematography for that matter, stand out? Everybody has a simple way of looking at wedding photography as just clicking away as you see the events unfold in front of you.  

But, is it that simple a job? As candid wedding photography professionals, we can tell you that nothing can be farther from the truth. It involves utilising candid wedding photography experiences and learnings from the past; and instant innovation and split second timing. Frankly, a lot of planning is involved.  

Whether it is candid wedding photography or wedding cinematography, it involves capture of emotions candidly, be it mothers love, family bonding, spontaneous emotions or just plain expression of happiness.   

Subtle expressions, the feelings of love and want, the expressions of a shy bride, the list of emotions are endless; and the challenge is to capture them at the moment; if you understand that these emotions are not rehearsed and do not repeat, then the tough job comes into the picture.  

VIP guests come and go in a flash; capturing their candid photos in their best in the little time that is available becomes a challenge to the team handling candid wedding photography here. And overcoming that challenge is the experience from the past.  

Colourful captures and subtle movements are an integral part of wedding cinematography. And the load of cinematography experience on the part of the wedding cinematography team ensures the right moments are captured making for pleasant viewing. Be it the richly landscaped decor for reception of the colourful captures or the boisterous dances at the Sangeet, candid wedding photography plays a big part in freezing the right scenes in time.  

As you may know, the traditional tamil wedding involves a lot of rituals that offer a lot of scope for emotions; happiness, sadness, fun and frolic, which are captured in candid wedding photography.  

Coming to the traditional wedding cinematography, the decor, the guests, the bride and the groom are all captured candidly without missing out on the important shots like the blessing of the thali, the tying of the thali and other emotional scenes with the parents; the brides mother especially. There is just a fraction of a second between a hit and a miss. If you are an experienced photograper, you will know that there have been instances where everything else was photographed perfectly, but the sequence of the thali tying was missed out completely; so a wedding photographer is always cautious, even to a fault.  

In typical candid wedding photography of wedding, tamil, telugu, gujarati, marwari or whatever, even the falling rose flower petals are captured, frozen in time for appreciation by the later generations.  

The reception function after the wedding is the culmination of the festivities, usually. What better way to freeze in time the grandeur of the groom entry at the wedding reception. How would it look with the groom making his entry in a chariot with elephants and tiger for company?  

The meek bride too makes a fine entry on top of a swan completing the sequence.  

Chennai is a festive capital and always families have paid much importance to wedding photography and cinematography. In the recent times, Chennai wedding cinematography is also venturing into the cinematic style of videos in the new look teasers and stuff. Chennai industry is evolving… and fast.

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