The Ever-favoured Haldi Ceremony
Indian weddings are a grand affair. We re all aware of that and thanks to numerous Bollywood movies our wedding rituals are famous the world over. There are so many ceremonies and fun events before the D-Day that there s no dearth of opportunities to capture the best of moments for posterity. However  one event that our team of wedding photographers really look forward to is the haldi ceremony for its vibrancy the palpable energy and the general euphoria (read fantastic pre-wedding photo moments) Have you ever been to one? Next time you know someone is contemplating marriage, make sure you let us know and we’ll give you a hundred and one reasons for why you should have a haldi ceremony! Traditionally considered the ritualist purification and ceremonial bath before the impending nuptials the haldi ceremony has evolved over the years to become a great meeting-of-the-two-families kind of occasion.  

Yes, anyone who has read about the significance of the haldi ceremony would know that it s supposed to be great for the skin, is a natural anti-depressant, aids the purification of the skin (literally) and is also considered a way to ward off evil spirits and ill-omen and also brings in positivity and a good new beginning for the couple. Well, that sure is a long list of things to consider but as a Chennai wedding photography team that has worked on many pre-wedding ceremonies, we sure will agree on the last point, because we know that nothing raises the bar on happiness the way this ritualistic occasion does.   From the word go you can be sure that everything starts to become more riotous and nothing adds more fabulously rich colour to every frame the way the haldi ceremony does. It is expected to, after all you can imagine how delightful it is to watch and capture candid moments of loved-ones queuing-up to rub some really fragrant haldi on the soon-to-be-wed. It s like watching a movie reel, from initial surprise and inhibition to gleeful merriment we have captured it all and the haldi ceremony is a candid wedding photographers dream.
 There is always a mix of emotions to be captured that day and we re more than happy to be there making sure that we don t miss a thing.   Rumbustious and colourful we sure get some picture-perfect moments, but what we really wait for are the not so perfect-moments that might initially not seem great when the newly-weds come by to browse through and select candid moments for their wedding photo-album. But over the years of handing wedding shoots in Chennai and across the country, we have come to see how it s always the mild goof-ups, lopsided grins, the oops-moments when someone drops something on their clothes and the gazillion other messy interludes that has time and again added another reason to laugh and later reminiscence about the big day and the other joyful ceremonies that are such an integral part of our weddings.

 Yes, we know you want the best shots of the picture-perfect moments, and we sure will give you that and some more, but you can be sure that when we take up a wedding photography assignment we ll also give you choices on the not-so-perfect moments that will freeze for eternity the joy, love, dreams and good wishes of your near and dear ones as they watch you both take the first step to begin one of the most important journeys of your life – together as a couple.   Want us to make your wedding memories last a lifetime? Talk to our expert wedding photography team today.   “

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