These are rare occasions; you know the bride is always busy; sometimes so busy that even the photographers do not get quality time with her for the photo shoot. Dont get us wrong, but in most weddings this is a fact. The make-up artiste takes just a little while longer to complete the make-up and everything that follows gets hit for a six; and that includes the photographers photo shoot. So, for your wedding, do remember this.

Our photographers are always tagging along with the bride and the groom, the bride especially, the cynosure of all eyes. There are some occasions where the bride is relaxed and taking a breath of a little fresh air, before all the noisy celebrations.

A hot cuppa is an ideal candid photograph, which will summarize the moment and reflect the mind of the bride. Here are a few relaxing moments as she takes a breather. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON OUR DIGITAL BOOK, FROZEN IN TIME ON WEDDING PHOTO & VIDEO, PLEASE CLICK HERE

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