Somesh & Sandhya

Platonic friends once ..  romantic couple now… A gentle love story of Somesh & Sandhya.  Its fate that I meet you. choice that I friend you..but fall in love with you was not in my control.. Sniggering behind at the college bench. Treat special… mild flirts… Lots of jealousy.. Little lust.. Sniffed by friends… A friend bitten by the love bug after 2 years of friendship at college, immediately took it to a relationship by asking a daring question.. Will you marry me?? Yeah, the daring friends name is Somesh and the person proposed to is Sandhya.

Somesh, a caring, gentle and handsome person was in friendship with beautiful, chill and perfectionist Sandhya. After 2 years Somesh felt that he cant afford to lose a soulmate like Sandhya, firmly proposed his love to take the friendship to the next level. Sandhya too felt it in the same way but took a little time to confirm it. Somesh & Sandhya, lovebirds at college times, but committed to their relationship. They took it up seriously, gone through both the sweetest & roughest times in the last 10 years of their love life.

They have been together in everything of their life, be it post graduation, profession and so on. It was so stunning to see the kind of the bond & intimacy they share between them. It was their engagement day, I was shooting the bride getting ready. Sandhya was struggling to wear her earrings, all of a sudden Somesh came into the room in his vest and helped out Sandhya and then went for his getting ready.

This dazzling couple planned everything meticulously right from their pre wedding shoot to wedding. They had their pre wedding shoot in Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh and both Engagement & Wedding in Chennai, Tamilnadu. It is a two days wedding ceremony cherished by love and support of the family and friends.
Finding a loveable friend is a choice, meeting a friendly lover is a luck but finding both in the same person is a blessing. Somesh & Sandhya is one among such blessed couples who managed to retain their friendship till the wedding moments and are positive of carrying it over throughout their life. This matured couple not only made our captures stunning but also imprinted on us a lovely message “It is not the profusion of love but abundance of friendship which makes happy marriages”.  Some of the nice snaps of their happy marriage are here.



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