Couple Experiences Drishya Vasudev
Couple Experiences Drishya Vasudev

Drishya Vasudev

* Can you tell us how important photography is?
Photography is a very important way that people can show their point of view to the world. You can capture all the beauty in the world with a single click and keep the memories forever  

* Can you tell us how many times you have watched your teaser, montage and long video?

I watched my wedding teaser countless number of times in the past one year ! Its the perfect combination of all important moments of my big day  

* Can you describe your outdoor shoot experience?

All the photographers were very patient and always smiling. They had good ideas and were understanding if we did not want to do any certain pose  

* Change one thing in the wedding photo and video?

There is not much I would want to change. But few images were misplaced from a function. I wish we had those.  

* General feedback on wedding photo and video
Editing was very good. Candid photos were taken very well. Teaser videos were very very good! Quality of the album is also top of the mark. Overall the service was great

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