Couple Experiences Karan Sejal
Couple Experiences Karan Sejal

Karan Sejal

* Can you tell us how important photography is?
Photography captures the moments that you want to freeze for a lifetime.  

* How many times have I watched my teaser and montage?

Well, did not keep a track, but minimum 20 times for sure.  

* Can you describe your outdoor shoot experience?
It was fun and we had a really good team. Appreciate their hard work and dedication.  

* Change one thing in the wedding photo and video?

Well, we thought that you were unaware of our rituals and traditions and maybe in a few places missed to cover our shots!  

* General feedback on wedding photo and video

Weddings are a dream. So it is highly imperative that we have a good team to capture our dream.  

* Recommendation for future couples in selecting photo and video

Please meet with them and tell your needs. And also, make sure they are well informed about your rituals

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