Couple Experiences  Malavika Tilak
Couple Experiences  Malavika Tilak

Malavika Tilak

* Can you tell us how many times you have watched your teaser, montage and long video?
To be true, we have not and we couldn’t have maintained count. We have watched it so many times and we are still watching it. In fact, we are thinking of watching the teaser once responding to this question.

* If you were to change one thing in the wedding photo and video, what would it be?
Nothing. The coverage in all videos are good and any feedback is discussed and incorporated. So, we cant think of anything that needs to be changed.

* General feedback on wedding photo and video.
All important moments have been captured and the clarity of the photos and videos are exceptional. The color correction and editing is really nice as well.

* Recommendation for future couples in selecting a photo and video vendor process.
General thing is to get quotes from multiple vendors and compare the deliverables but during this process, you would also find the crew who consider it as their own event and show enthusiasm even during the discussions on the quote. We suggest that you go with them. We felt the same with Atlhea and so we went with them which has been and will be one of the best decisions that we took.

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