Couple Experiences Saranya Jothikiran
Couple Experiences Saranya Jothikiran

Saranya Jothikiran

* Can you tell us how important photography is?

Actually, it is not an overstatement to state that your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Thus with a little care and a great deal of effort, it is important to make it beautiful. The day when your wedding is supposed to take place should be in itself a special day with the need for the most perfect of arrangements. But all the hectic preparations for a marriage ceremony should not overshadow the need of a good wedding photographer, who can help you to preserve your wedding memories.

* Can you tell us how many times you have watched your teaser, montage and long video?

* Change one thing in the wedding photo and video?
I wish we had the time to do our outdoor shoot. I also wish we had more candid photos than the regular ones. Longer montage video 🙂

* General feedback on wedding photo and video
Your photos and video was an integral part of our wedding for ensuring we will have a priceless capturing of the most important day of our lives to watch countless times in the years and decades to come.
The professionalism while on scene for the big day is unparalleled.
Kiran and I were simply blown away.  

* Recommendation for future couples in selecting photo and video?

The shutter bag in reality, should be very flexible and should be able to come up with innovative solutions in difficult circumstances. They should come off well in tricky situations like that of bad light, bad weather or other complicated scenarios. It is wise to appoint a photographer who has dealt with similar situations in the past and has survived most wonderfully.

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