Couple Experiences Sashi Priyanka
Couple Experiences Sashi Priyanka

Sashi Priyanka

Can you tell us how important photography is?
Nothing moves me as much as nostalgia does. Seeing a photograph brings a world of memories, feelings, sounds, and smells rushing into me, like a good dream. One you want to have again and again. And as for your wedding day, there is no other memory you would want to invite more. Photos do it for me.
* Can you tell us how many times you have watched your teaser, montage and long video?  I probably watched the teaser and the montage more times than I have watched anything else. And to this day they make my eyes swell up, and a cheeky bit proud. Atlhea made us look like celebrities, and the teaser looks no less than a Kollywood production. You have no idea how many times I’ve gathered our friends around the big screen to show them our video.
* Can you describe the outdoor shoot experience?
I wish we had the time to have one. We definitely would the next time we are in town and have some time. 🙂    * If you were to change one thing in the wedding photo and video, what would it be?
I would have loved it if you had a makeup / touchup artist and fashion person on your team with a mirror. To look a little more perfect would have been a great compliment to the beautiful pictures you take.

* General feedback on wedding photo and video.
I have to say your team was lovely, friendly and made us feel so comfortable. Honestly I have seen quite a few annoying / lack luster photographers at other weddings and I was so glad you weren’t like that. Please continue being as friendly and as accommodating as you were. 🙂

* Recommendation for future couples in selecting a photo and video vendor process.
Talk to your photographer and see if they get the story you are celebrating. How great will it be for the team that captures your story to also be in love with it?

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