couple experiences vinodhnie aadhav
couple experiences vinodhnie aadhav

Vinodhnie Aadhav

Can you tell us how important photography is?
Photography is very important as thats one thing we can always see and cherish the moments !!
Choosing the photography was a task for us!! We had many options! We initially had Althea as one of the choices for traditional photography!
Then we short listed them! I cant believe how well they shot the pics, the effort they have put and mainly how comfortable they made us feel! It was so realistic and nice as they did not miss any good moment pics !  

* Can you describe your outdoor shoot experience?
Outdoor experience was epic !!! Its always colourful and the mehendi was shot ! Its so realistic and brilliant  

* General feedback on wedding photo and video
They did it for my wedding as well as my brothers wedding !!!
The first time when we short listed we werent sure but for my brothers we just booked them without a second thought !! And they did not disappoint us at al ! The entire team is too good !

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