Couple Experiences Sruthi Mani
Couple Experiences Sruthi Mani

Sruthi Mani

* Can you tell us how important photography is?
From our marriage perspective, pre wedding photographs was (sic) our small stone to our big castle. By looking at our pre wedding shoot,we could presume it was a trailer for our wedding. I feel it would paint our mental picture of our wedding.  

* How many times have I watched my teaser and montage?

Countless to say. We have watched many times and also shared to our friends and family  

* Can you describe your outdoor shoot experience?
To be frank we didnt have any expectation of our outdoor photography but once looking at the output we could relive the moment of those times. Comfortable & enjoyable outdoor photography experience  

* Change one thing in the wedding photo and video?
More conceptualized photo/video could have been taken but owing to the less time we understand  

* General feedback on wedding photo and video
 Simply exceptional

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