Couple Experiences Vignesh Reshma
Couple Experiences Vignesh Reshma

Vignesh Reshma

* Can you tell us how important photography is?
Photography is everything in a wedding I would say, because thats what remains the same even after decades. We may forget those moments and pictures and videos dont. Having a good photography partner is considered half of the wedding plans done.  

* How many times have I watched my teaser and montage?
We have been married for three months and even today we watch it like the first time. It always gives us a serene and a feel good moment when watching our teasers and montage videos. Sometimes we feel like its a movie and we are the actor and actress. We have watched it so many times such that we remember each and every frame.  

* Can you describe your outdoor shoot experience?
Althea suggested me Intercontinental resort for the outdoor shoot which I realised later as a good decision. It seemed like the place was built just for wedding shoots. We started shooting in the afternoon and it went till midnight. We almost covered every place possible. At a point, we were so exhausted and were about to stop but the team led by Mr. Rajvinoth was still so energetic and enthusiastic. They pushed us till they were able to capture the best moments.   

* Change one thing in the wedding photo and video?
I would not change much in the final product. We just thought we couldn’t capture a few shots which we had benchmarked from other photography pages. So my feedback would be Althea can give little more preference to the couples photo wishes and can take them first and then proceed with their regular plan.
I have already recommended Althea and Marriage Colours to many of my friends who were planning. We personally feel so satisfied with the end result and the timely delivery. Keep that up in all your future endeavours.

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