First Look Shots

First Look Shots

These are capturing the moments that people look at each other for the first time before the function/celebrations begin.

They can be categorized as the bride, her mother, father, grandparents, sister, brother, her besties.  

Similarly, for the groom, his mother, father, grandparents, sister(s), brother(s) and besties.  

Would not you love to capture the emotions on their faces? Especially the mother. And last, but not the least, the groom as he sees the bride for the first time.  

These are going to be precious moments worth capturing. Since, candid is the in thing now, people are discussing these and there probably would be more number of requests to capture these instances in the near future.   

So, these are the important shots that need to be captured for the event. The bride, as she is coming out of her room and meets her dad. He is amazed and at the same time overwhelmed by the situation; a serious situation for a photograph or two.  

In her room, as she was getting ready, there were some intimate conversations with her best friends and cousins, who had gathered around her. She was being commented upon by her friends, making fun of her, while the bride was blushing, smiling and having fun with her friends. These were captured.  

On her way out, she had already taken a photograph with her mother and grandma, who had offered her the wedding veil. Those moments were captured as well.  

She is not walking towards the car, which will take her to the venue. As she gets into the car, she is captured getting into the car.  

At the venue, she gets out and walks towards the church; this moment is captured. On her way, she meets her best and exchanges smiles and emotions; these are captured too.  

The groom is nervous and waits for the bride to arrive. His expressions and wait are captured. His parents and close relatives are all captured.  

The first look expressions as the bride meets the groom is very well captured.   These are easily captured, when they are planned well. Timing is important here. A minute or two this way or that way, may turn things turtle. Even if there are delays, they need to be communicated and should be acceptable for everyone.   If things get delayed and the photographers do not get enough time with the couple, then it does no good in terms of wedding coverage. This has to be especially noted and kept in the minds of all those concerned, at all times.

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