Portrait Shots
Portrait Shots

Portraiture is the art of making portraits. And wedding photography is considered incomplete without portraits from the event; be it the handsome groom or the angelic bride during their iconic moments in their wedding, such as the bride after the make-up, the couple together, poses with the parents, exclusive with the grandma and all.


Portrait of the groom 

Groom portraits are also of equal importance as they are placed in tandem. So, it goes without saying that we get grand pictures of the groom too. And an immaculately dressed handsome groom is a photographers delight. It is a challenge because he has to make a subject that is already good looking, better. With the right advice from the photographer, the groom evoking the right attitude gets the best pictures of him much to his enjoyment.

Couple portraits

Day time portraits

The grand venue, the green foliage, the seaside, heritage structures etc., make for lovely day time captures. With their royal looking dresses, the photos look great and out of the world. But, getting such an ambience and making good use of whatever is presented to them, is the challenge. Photos captured with nature in the background, close ups of the couple, pictures of them walking, running and chatting, are a few photo references.

Night time portraits

Portraits taken in the night give out great glamour value, and the experienced, expert photographer with extreme imagination, takes full advantage of it. There are photographers who complain there is not enough light; and there are who see it as an opportunity, to capture some of the brilliant photos of the couple in the night, with the ambient light and backdrops throwing in a hint of mystery, wonderful!

Family portraits

We all love our family portraits; they are most loved and are considered extremely important. The experienced photographer recognizes this and is quick to bring in people together and arrange them in order, small, tall, plump, skinny all together in one photograph. Even though a stressful task, the seasoned photographer is up to the task. 

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